10 Are Exercise Bikes Effective For Weight Loss

Why train at home?

When I first started training at home, it was mostly out of necessity and for personal reasons. Nowadays, having a couple of thousand subscribers on my YouTube channel and people in general reaching out to me who find my work helpful and motivating, is something that has become a very powerful inspiration for me to keep on working on my HomeMade Muscle project. Training at home every day gives me more and more insight to improve this project while implementing it with all kinds of other topics that I study. Even if it wasn’t for all the above, I still would not consider switching to a gym workout program. Once you know how to effectively train in the comfort of your own house, it can become incredibly convenient and suitable to your lifestyle. I don’t know about you, but I love convenience.

Here are some typical advantages of training at home:

• Not having to plan going to the gym, taking a bus or the car, looking for a parking spot, etc.

• Not packing a big gym bag and worrying about forgetting something (growing up as an athlete, I always hated this)

• Not undressing and changing clothes with weird dudes in the locker room

• No smelling people in your face

• Not sitting in someone else’s sweat or worrying about athletes foot in the showers

• No waiting in line for busy exercise equipment, such as the bench press

• No one to hassle you about lifetime memberships or rules

• No Christina Aguilera playing loudly while you’re trying to concentrate and get in those last two reps.

My Favorite Reasons For Training at Home

1.HomeMade Muscle will save you a lot of Money

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The first and most obvious advantage of training at home is not paying for a gym membership and expensive equipment. Home bodyweight workouts have only two requirements: 1) gravity; and 2) your own body. The only equipment I strongly advise you to get in the beginning is a pull up bar. Pull ups are the king of strength exercise when it comes to the upper body. If you think of all the money you will be saving yourself from gym membership fees just by spending $20 bucks for a pull up bar – trust me you are making a wise investment.

2. HomeMade Muscle workouts will save you a lot of Time

The most common excuse I hear from people who don’t exercise is that they don’t have time. Well, training in your own house, besides saving you money, also saves you a lot of time. Think about it, if you calculate all the time you need to pack a gym bag, travel all the way to the gym, change in the locker room, wait for your turn on crowded exercise machines and then all of that in reverse, it usually costs most people at least an extra hour or two. Training in the comfort of your own house means no commuting, no need for looking for a parking space and no need to unpack big gym bags of sweaty clothes. Once you are finished training in your home, you can immediately take a nice hot shower in your own bathroom, wear dry clothes and kickback, or do whatever else you have to do. This program requires, on average, 3 training hours per week which is time well worth spending by anyone for the reward of a healthier, stronger and leaner body.

3. HomeMade Muscle is Psychotherapy

One of the things I love most when training at home is that you can really let go. You can express all of the frustration and aggression that bottles up during the rest of the day at work, school or wherever. You can scream through those last reps, curse, yell and generally express whatever emotions you are going through that day or that phase of your life! (Try though not to do this late at night, you don’t want your neighbor calling the police thinking you are strangling someone). This has a great calming affect once you finish training. It may sound weird to some and others will totally understand what I’m talking about. I consider it as a kind of catharsis. A lot of times, training for me is more psychotherapy than exercise. Just give it a try and you will understand. People nowadays keep too much emotion bottled up in them and expressing these emotions through physical exertion gives the body and mind a great relief.

Ah, home sweet home, where your own personal gym is always open, twenty-four hours a day and three hundred and sixty five days a year. The speakers are playing Rihanna… wait what? I mean the speakers are playing Survival by Eminem or Burning Heart by Survivor, the air smells the way you like it to smell and the water in the shower is always warm.

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