10 Bedroom Design Idea

The uses of fabric

Fabric can be used to link or group seating elements together with covers, throws or cushions. By choosing one colour, such as oatmeal, and covering all seating in that colour, whether upholstered armchairs, sofas or dining-chair seats, an interior is created that is instantly calming and uncluttered. However, it would be dramatically livened up if other coloured fabrics or other surfaces wood, metal, leather, or glass, for example were allowed in. A riot of different patterns on printed or woven fabrics can coexist provided that there is a strong colour link running through them and given that there are also areas of calm, such as plain walls and floors, to anchor them.

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In addition, fabric appeals to our tactile sense, creating a feeling of warmth and comfort. More than any other material, it completely transforms a surface. By introducing a cushion on a painted wooden

A large kilim anchors the seating area in this wonderfully lively and colourful room. The sofa, upholstered in a plain cream fabric, offsets the riot of colour going on around it. The alcove, with a built-in covered seat, provides a place to escape, while multicoloured cushions occupy every available surface.

Window seat or a chunky wool throw over the back of a plain sofa, you can change the style and character of seating surfaces and the room with relative ease.

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