10 Bedroom Design Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Fastenings and edgings for furnishings


Zips can be bought to an individual size or as one continuous strip of uncut teeth. The latter is used off the reel as required and individually bought zip heads are applied to it. Choose a zip colour that suits the item it is to be attached to.

Zips can be inserted and neatly concealed in the seam of a cushion cover or duvet cover. On a square scatter cushion the zip can either be inserted in the seam at the base of the cushion or in a centre seam on the cover back, as for a round cushion.

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Inserting a zip in a cushion’s side seam

Cut two pieces of fabric as for a basic square cushion cover ( 302 303). With right sides facing, stitch the two pieces together for 5cm (2in) at each end of the opening edge, leaving an opening for the zip. Tack the opening together along the seam

Cushion side seam line and press the seam open. Pin and tack the zip along the seam line, with the right side of the zip facing the wrong side of the seam. Stitch around the zip (using the zipper foot o£ the machine) from the right side close to the tacking. Remove the tacking.

Open the zip. Then, with right sides facing, pin, tack and stitch the remaining three sides together. Remove the tacking. Trim the seam allowances, clip the corners diagonally and press the seam open. Turn the cover right side out and press again.

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