10 Bedroom Design Ideas Uk

A These fabrics have been painted and resist-dyed in colours of jewel-like intensity. Their inspiration ranges from batik fabrics and Indian saris to the boldly striped walls and furnishings of Regency salons. Simple trimmings can enhance soft-furnishing fabrics still further; here, a gold-braid edging gives the shimmering sapphire-coloured cushion an ornate finish.

Turn lies against a cream and black striped cotton. Occasionally, a cornucopia of pink, lime green, purple and orange, although not to everyone’s taste, just simply works.

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If the colour links in some way, you can mix your fabrics. Equally, mix different textures – silk, poplin, canvas, damask and velvet, for example.

It is also interesting to use fabrics of varying weights together in one piece such as thin muslin and velvet, or hessian and silk. You then have a fabric that moves in a different way, and demands to be hung or displayed more cleverly, or suggests new uses.

Stitching small circles of frayed coloured cloth randomly across the surface of another fabric like mattress tufts is another exciting method of customizing; as is stitching itself, which can transform fabric by adding colour and texture.

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