10 Bedroom Fireplace Design Ideas

Fabric ties

Flat fabric ties make a wonderful alternative to other fastenings and are useful for bed-linen and cushions. Rouleau strips tubes made from bias strips can be mounted as loops and used as an alternative to buttonholes.

Flat ties Cut a piece of fabric to the desired length and twice the width, adding 1cm (Min) all around. Folding the edges of the length to the wrong side by 1cm (%in), press and cut the corners at a diagonal before folding and pressing the width ends down to the wrong side. Fold the fabric in half lengthways and stitch all the sides, 3mm (Min) from the edge.

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Rouleau ties Fold the desired length of bias of a width of 2.5-3cm (1-1 Min) in half and sew the long edges together, 6mm (Min) from the edge. Push a blunt-ended needle threaded with strong thread through the tube, having first secured it to one end.

working along the length until it pulls through the other end. Pull the thread and the rouleau will be turned right side out. Finish by tucking the ends into the tube and then oversewing.

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