10 Beginners Exercise Routine For Weight Loss At Home

Develop The Cat Mindset

That is precisely the problem that most people face nowadays when they fail to get in shape. Most of them carry the fox mindset. They have all this abundance of free knowledge accumulated in their heads from surfing around the internet all day but they end up neurotic and unable to stick to a single exercise plan. I even see this happen quite often with exercise professionals. They have so much knowledge accumulated in the heads, yet for some reason they seem as if they are too afraid to apply any of it. They are afraid that it just might not be the perfect workout plan. As a result, they end up switching from program, to program, to program… My advice? Be a cat! Ok that might not sound that masculine, but think of big manly ripped cat like Liono from the Thunder Cats (if you are too young and don’t know what a Thunder Cat is, you are missing one of the greatest cartoons of all times).

On the other hand that is why people in prisons get so jacked up. They have very few means of training to choose from and a very big motive to fuel them. It’s about survival, you have no choice.


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The basic reasons most of us fail to attain our fitness goals is that we do not appreciate simplicity. We prefer complex approaches and ideas wrapped with fancy and shinny material. We look for the easy way out in everything we want to accomplish. Why train hard four hours a week when Cindy the fitness chick (with that stunning bosom) tells you that you can get ripped by training 12 minutes a day. We want exercise apps on our phone as if we are not wasting enough time on our smartphones already…

Screw all the fancy marketing fitness hype! Focus on finding proper guidance, consistency, and eating right.

Underestimating Bodyweight Exercise

Bodyweight exercise is commonly underestimated. Have a look at gymnasts or the new viral trend that has arisen on YouTube the several last years. People all over the world are training with only bars and bodyweight exercises, doing what they call Street-Workouts and Calisthenics. You can see incredibly amazing physiques on these guys and they’re just training in their neighborhood park. How cool is that?

A recent study found that people’s ability to get up from the floor with no support from their hands was an accurate predictor of fitness and even mortality. I don’t know about you, but avoiding early death would be one of my top motives for getting in shape and taking bodyweight exercises seriously. I don’t care if you can curl ninety pounds; if you cannot do ten strict pull ups, chest to bar, I don’t consider you strong.

Bodyweight exercise provides a sense of personal mastery, control and self- confidence. What can be more empowering in the physical realm than mastering your own body? That is one of the main reasons I believe bodyweight exercise is superior to barbells and machines; that is if one must choose between one of the two. The bodybuilder physique was the ultimate accepted status quo in strength conditioning during the eighties and the nineties. Fortunately, this is starting to change; especially during the last few years where more natural and functional forms of exercise are starting to become popular. Seriously, how can somebody be considered strong if he cannot even move his own body. Instead of bro can you even lift? the real question should be Bro, can you even lift yourself?

Just pick a guy out of any gym who can easily pull his own body weight in the lat pull-down machine and ask him to do the same repetitions on a pull up bar. Or pick a guy who can bench press double his bodyweight and ask him to do a one-arm push up…99.9% of them will fail. I don’t know about you, but for me doing a one-arm push up on the spot is a lot cooler than claiming that you can bench press an X amount weight. Stick around long enough and we’ll get to that one-arm push up before you know it!

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