10 Best Aerobic Exercise For Weight Loss

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In conclusion, the HomeMade Muscle code consists of a Bruce Lee-ian approach to exercise and nutrition but it’s also filtered through science. Here are my four most important suggestions for you:

1. Research and question everything.

2. Absorb only what is rewarding and focus on perfecting it; Reject the rest.

3. Once you’re mature enough, give it a touch of your personal experience and needs.

4. Simplicity is key to brilliance (Bruce Lee Quote)

I haven’t really created anything new in this home workout program. I have just constructed a simplified hybrid approach to home-strength and fitness development infused with the best information of Nutrition, Bodybuilding, Strength Training and Calisthenics.

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Strong & lean without going to the gym Is it possible?

When I first started the HomeMade Muscle project there were days when I used to chat online or Skype with friends, telling them I just finished my home workout routine. Most of them thought I was just fooling around doing a couple of push ups and pull ups and didn’t really take me too serious. A couple of months later, when they saw how my body started to change they were amazed. All that, just by training at home with no equipment at all?

Paralysis By Analysis (PBA)

Today I try to show people that it’s not about complex workouts, secret training techniques that shock your muscles and diets that have you eating magic berries and drinking weird colored beverages. Paralysis By Analysis is a common paradox that plagues the fitness community and one of the main reasons we consider getting in shape so difficult. The internet is one of the mains reasons this paradox exists and if you were born after an internet connection was available in every household, you have an even bigger chance of suffering from this paradox. Do not worry, you can get rid of this problem now that you are using HomeMade Muscle. PBA is a common problem nowadays among people who are trying to get in shape (I’ve also gone through it). In order to give you a better picture of this conundrum, I’ll share with you a story by Aesop, the great ancient Greek fabulist. If these stories bore you, just bear with me for a few more lines.

A cat and a fox discuss how many tricks and dodges they have in order to avoid their enemies. The fox boasts that he has many; the cat confesses to having only one. Just at that moment, they hear the cry of a pack of hounds coming their way. The cat immediately scampered up a tree and hid herself in the boughs. The fox lost in confusion, unable to choose between the plethora of all its tricks gets killed…

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