Country to Country Festival is a huge event for us as a UK-based country magazine, what does it mean to you as a country artist from the UK?

It’s quite incredible to see a country festival in the UK, on th is scale! Last year was the first year that I’d done it and I had no idea what to expect when I came in. And to see the number of people that were here and also just how into the music they are, really wonderful crowds to play to. They’re all singing along and clapping, you can tell that they’re real music fans – it’s great!

You and Bob Harris both spoke onstage about your move to America, what a big part of your career that has been – how did it help your music grow?

Nashville is full of musicians, so you never know who you’re living next door to. I was doing a festival a couple of years ago and got chatting to two girls who were in the dressing room and found out that they lived one street away from me – it’s such a small world like that – they’ve become really good friends now. I think it’s that atmosphere of living in a place that’s so full of musicians that are going towards the same shared goal and they’re very open to writing together performing together’.


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