10 Best Baby Foods

10 Best Baby Foods

Junket is easily digested and is made with rennet tablets or liquid which can be bought from your pharmacy or supermarket.

Junket. Heat milk to lukewarm and add sugar and rennet according to the directions on the container. Place in a glass bowl. After an hour or two the milk becomes thick and makes a palatable pudding’ that is nutritious and digestible. If your child is underweight and not eating well, a nourishing egg custard can be made with egg yolk and milk.

Egg Custard. Make custard with bought custard powder or cornflour flavoured with vanilla in the usual way. Remove from heat and mix in a beaten egg yolk. Serve plain or with fruit.

Cheese. Cheese is an excellent substitute for milk; 25 g full-cream cheese is equivalent to 225 ml milk. Cottage cheese is also fine but has a lower kilojoule value because the fat has been removed.

You can serve cheese grated over fruit, cereals, vegetables or meat, or let your baby pick up finely grated cheese with her fingers. Milk can be added to soup but do not cook for long as it will make the milk separate (this will not affect its food value).

Yoghurt is high in calcium, vitamin A and B group vitamins and is often enjoyed by children who do not like milk. You can make your own yoghurt from whole milk or use skimmed milk if you want to lower the fat content of your child’s diet. (If you remove the fat you take away some of the vitamin A content.)

Commercial yoghurt is usually made from skimmed milk and can be bought with a variety of fruits added.

Homemade yoghurt. Bring two litres of milk to boiling point but do not allow to boil. Remove from heat and cool to blood heat. Put a small carton of plain commercial yoghurt in a clean glass bowl and pour the warm milk over it very gently. Preheat the oven to 100°C, switch off and put the bowl with the yoghurt covered with foil in the oven. Leave overnight to thicken. Strain through a muslin cloth or skim off the liquid with a spoon. Refrigerate. Next time you make yoghurt reserve half a cupful as a starter’, then you do not need to use bought yoghurt. You may want to sweeten the yoghurt with a little sugar or honey before serving, or add fresh fruit such as thinly sliced bananas, pureed apple or peaches.

Milk jelly. Milk can also be added to jelly. Make commercial jelly using a quarter of the water specified and substitute milk for the rest of the water. Yoghurt can be added to jelly made in the usual way, by beating it in as it begins to set. You can add well mashed banana at this stage for greater food value.

Note: Always give extra liquids in the form of water or fruit juice if your baby is not taking milk in the usual way to prevent constipation and to keep up her fluid intake.

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