10 Best Dumbbell Exercises For Weight Loss

Advantages of Bodyweight Training

From Michael Boyle’s fantastic book – Advances in Functional Training

Technique,Technique,.Technique. Never compromise. Use bodyweight when possible and practical. Do lots of push-ups, fee-elevated push-ups, one-leg squats, chin-ups and dips. Bodyweight exercises are humbling. Not only will athletes learn to respect their bodyweight, but they will also see the value of these easy exercises.

From Easy Strength by Dan John and Pavel Tsatsouline

Pull-ups not only build the pulling muscles but also develop the abs. I dare you to find someone who can do 20 strict reps and does not have rockhard abs. Use many pull-up variations: change grips, do pull-ups off ropes and rings, etc

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I expect people to be excited when I motivate and tell them that they can get in great shape in the comfort of their own home spending only $20 bucks on a pull up bar. Unfortunately, most of them just look at me in disbelief. It probably sounds too good to be true or they have tried getting in shape with some other promising easy home workout plan that didn’t work.

Gym Machines vs. Bodyweight

Unfortunately, most of us have been mislead into believing that in order to get in shape we need all those shiny complicated machines we see in big corporate gyms with touch screens and all sort of other gizmos on them. Some of them feel as if you are using some fighting machine to battle against aliens. The truth is that battling ehm.. I mean exercising only with machines and focusing too much on isolation movements can lead to developing a dysfunctional body. There is lack of development in stabilizing muscles in our body’s connective tissue. As a result, there is no functional strength and people are more prone to injury.

Kinesthetic awareness is your body’s knowledge of your surroundings which you receive via the sensory receptors in your joints, muscles and skin. Also, those of you who are wondering if they are missing a lot from not doing isolation exercises, keep in mind that multi-joint exercises are more effective in producing an anabolic hormonal stimulus for muscle hypertrophy than small scale / single joint isolation type exercises.

Practicality: Bodyweight exercises can be done almost anywhere with minimum equipment.

Awesomeness Factor: Bodyweight exercises are a much more entertaining and motivational way to develop strength. Instead of striving to add that extra plate of weight every month, your goal is to perform cooler and more impressive movement variations. Once advanced bodyweight exercises can be performed with good form and ease, they can provide great visual appeal. Think about it, what is more awesome and fun…talking about how much weight you can bench press at the gym or performing a one arm push up at the beach while making it seem easy?

After all the training systems I have tried in my life, I always conclude that bodyweight exercise makes me stronger and keeps my body and mind healthier…

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