10 Best Gray Hair Color Ideas – Hair Tips for Going Gray


Lipstick sales have historically gone up during recessions, but not this time – we’re wearing masks. But the market for DIY hair dye is huge. Have you seen Eva Longoria’s L’Oreal ad? She shot it on her iPhone in her own bathroom: she’s showing – then covering – her grey roots. It’s excellent for many reasons: relaxed, informal, fun, fresh and very nonceleb glamour, which I think is what will work for the next while.

On the other hand, as they say, a crisis often reinforces trends that were already there, and the trend towards embracing grey hair has been gathering momentum for a while. It started in December last year when Keanu Reeves appeared on the red carpet with girlfriend Alexandra Grant, a 46-year-old artist with a mop of beautiful platinumgrey hair, and gained momentum in January when a report was released linking chemicals in hair dye to cancer.

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Covid isolation pretty much cemented the trend: RuPaul’ Drag Race judge Michelle Visage shared videos of her grey roots on Instagram and asked her followers to decide whether she should keep it grey. Overwhelmingly, they voted yes. The hashtag #greyhairdontcare is everywhere, as is #greyisthenewblack.

There’s also a well-documented human psychological need to mark a trauma in some way, with a tattoo, a radical hair cut, getting a fringe or losing weight. Going grey or dyeing your hair a new colour is part of that – a psychological response to the trauma of Covid and isolation. So in terms of haircare, the trends are twofold: DIY hair dye and products that encourage consumers to embrace the grey.

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