10 Best Makeup Trends Of All Time


Though they may evolve or be acquired by a larger conglomerate, many brands are the brainchild of one talented individual. Makeup artists have been around since Egyptian times, and their influence on fashion, media, and consumers can be seen in the way they are now as recognizable and recognized as the faces they are painting. It seems only natural that they would utilize their practical knowledge of cosmetics and the spaces in the market where there is a need for something that hasn’t yet been fulfilled and begin creating new products, as well as using them Max Factor made makeup work for women in their handbags initially, but it was the makeup artists of the latter half of the twentieth century who really took the makeup artist brand to dizzying global heights.

Iconic products such as the Spice lip pencil, Ruby Woo lipstick, and their continuous Limited Edition collections have helped propel MAC from a makeup artist favorite to one of the world’s biggest brands over the past thirty years.

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