10 Best Powder Foundations

Powder Shade
Ninety-five (or even ninety-eight or ninety-nine) percent of the time, I find that a yellow-toned powder is much more flattering to a woman’s face than pink powders or so-called flesh-toned powders. This is because almost all women have yellow tones to their skin. Yellow-toned powders have a magical effect on the face, warming it and equalizing its hue with that of your hands, chest, arms, etc. The idea of yellow powder in your cosmetic bag may be strange at first. But try it and see for yourself what it does for your face.
I especially do not recommend translucent powder. Many women think it’s invisible, but it’s not. On the contrary, I find that translucent powder makes a woman look pasty. Pale yellow is the only powder shade that truly lightens dark circles.
There are many other powder colors on the market that promise to even out skin tone. The theory behind purple, pink, or green powder is that it will correct complementary, unattractive color in the face. My advice is: Don’t bother. These powders are pretty to look at, but they do not work.
Dark pressed powders are excellent for contouring bronzer, as they tend to be sheer and easy to blend. Dark powder is also an excellent way to counter a too light foundation.

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