10 Best Stunning DIY Updos For Curly Hair

20 Incredibly Stunning DIY Updos For Curly Hair

If you have a very tight, fluffy curl pattern, there are some days when it’s not worth fighting it. Instead, let it work for you (and make your undefined ‘fro look like a look in the process) by brushing out your curls for an extra fluffy texture that enhances the volume.


I’m thinking of having a Dominican blow-dry but my friend said to have a silk press instead. What’s the difference? The Dominican blow-dry is a straightening process that temporarily straightens the hair and can last for up to four weeks using specialist products and high levels of heat. It gives you a silky-smooth blowout with body, bounce and shine. However, your hair will revert to its natural state if it gets wet!

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The silk press uses a flat iron and a silk press product, for example, the Keracare Cream Press (£5.85). It leaves your natural hair very straight, shiny, silky and soft and can last up to three weeks, and once again it will revert should it get wet. Both methods can cause heat damage if done incorrectly. Visit a reputable salon and have a consultation before deciding which is best for you

1. The Two Braid Bun Updo

The Two Braid Bun UpdoPinit

2. The Cinnamon Roll Bun

The Cinnamon Roll BunPinit

3. Messy Romantic Curly Hair Updo

Messy Romantic Curly Hair UpdoPinit

4. Braided Messy Updo

Braided Messy Updo

5. Lovely Messy Curly Hair Updo

Lovely Messy Curly Hair Updo

6. Faux Chignon Updo

Faux Chignon UpdoPinit

7. Classy Top Updo

Classy Top Updo

8. Three Threaded Updo

Three Threaded Updo

9. The Fairytale Updo

The Fairytale UpdoPinit

10. Rolled And Twisted Updo

Rolled And Twisted Updo

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