10 Best Weave Hairstyles 2019

18 Weave Hairstyles That You Can Rock

The hair itself is used diversely, particularly for wigs and weaves and is popular due to its softness, durability and thickness. The texture is easy to blend particularly with relaxed textures, hence why it’s so popular.

What makes the hair ‘virgin’ is the treatment. If the hair has not been chemically processed i.e. dyed, and the cuticle is still intact, then it is most likely virgin hair.

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When sourcing Brazilian hair, the grade is important. There is no international body or organisation, which is responsible for the measuring or upholding the standards for the grades of hair.

The factory that sources the hair from the donor determines the grade of hair, depending on the length and thickness of each bundle. The grade refers to the number of strands per bundle that measure up the full length of the bundle.

1. Simple Jane:

Simple Jane

2. Natural Mane:

Natural Mane

3. Bob:


4. Long Locks:

Long Locks

5. Classy and Elegant:

Classy and Elegant

6. Curly Weave:

Curly Weave

7.  Blonde Weave:

Blonde Weave

8. A Shock of Color:

A Shock of Color

9. Quick Long Weave:

Quick Long Weave

10. Wave Weaves:

Wave Weaves

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