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Press studs

Straightforward to attach, press studs work well along the inside edge of a cushion or duvet cover opening. They can be bought as single fastenings or already attached to a fabric strip. A strip of press studs is ideal for the opening of a cushion or duvet cover.

Attaching simple fastenings to a cushion cover

To make a cushion cover to be closed with Velcro spot fastenings or press studs, first cut two pieces of fabric as for a basic square cushion ( 302 303), but allow toi hem allowance of 7.5cm (3in) along t opening edge of each piece.

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Pm a double hem in place along tl opening edge on each piece by turm 2.5cm (lin) to the wrong side twice. SI stitch or machine stitch the hem and th press. With the right sides facing, mach stitch the two cushion pieces together aloi the other three sides. Then at each end ot opening edge, stitch 5cm (2in) close to t double hem to strengthen the sides.

Sew Velcro spots, single press studs or ev a strip of press studs along each side ot tl opening on the double hem in correspor. ing positions. Trim the seam allowances the cushion and clip the two outside corns diagonally to reduce the bulk.

Turn the cover right side out and pre Insert the cushion pad and fasten the Vela studs or strips together. When closed, the t. tenings should not be visible.

Simple fastenings

1 Attach Velcro spots or press studs to the double hem along the opening edge of the cover.

2 Attach a strip of press studs in the same way. The fastenings will be invisible on the right side.

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