10 Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Screen-style bed hangings

A flatter, screen-like effect can be achieved by sewing a sleeve at the top and base of a piece of fabric – a strong canvas works well, for instance and by stretching it between a tubular frame. A side and an end, with a bed positioned sideways on to the wall, create a simple enclosure for a child’s bunk bed, for example. Sew pockets onto the side of the fabric that faces the bed, for pyjamas or teddy bears.

The premise of using stretched fabric can be further extended to make a complete pitched roof for a bed. Try using sewn sleeves to slot over three horizontal poles, two parallel either side of the bed, and one higher up, centred over the middle section of the bed.

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A flap, hanging part way down each side, can cleverly mimic a tent. For added detail, shape the edges or hang small key tassels. Similarly, a pole hanging above and across each end of the bed can support a length of fabric which, at the head end, can fall behind the pillows, thus creating a backdrop.

If you also cut the fabric long at the foot end, and attach strips of fabric or ribbon to either side, it will allow the fabric to be rolled up and tied to the poles like a rolled-up tent flap.

This sleeping area, little more than an alcove, could have had a rather claustrophobic atmosphere. Instead, a suspended canopy draws the eye up and across the ceiling, exaggerating the tiny space. A candle sconce and painted wall design provide interesting Gothic detail.

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