10 Ensuite Bathroom Design Ideas

Fastening tapes

Press stud tape This is a length of tape which has press studs fixed at set intervals along the tape. It is available in several widths.

To fix press studs, simply separate the two layers and sew the socket layer to the underneath of the fabric and the ball part to the top layer of the fabric. Stitch down the long edges of the strips, using a machine zipper foot.

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Velcro This consists of two strips of fabric, one of which has tiny hooks and the other, tiny loops. These strips stick together when pressed. Separate the two layers and stitch in place down the long edges.


Useful for cushions and chair covers, zips are available with either metal or nylon teeth and in a full range of colours, lengths and weights.

Centred zip Stitch the seam up to the zip opening. Then tack the seam along the opening and press it open. Lay the zip downwards onto the wrong side of the fabric, exactly along the seam line, then pin and tack it in place. Turn the fabric right side up and sew the zip in place, just inside the tacking lines, using a zipper foot attachment. Fasten the threads and remove the tacking from the opening.

Zip inserted in a piped seam

Open the zip and lay one side, right side down, on the right side of the piped seam with the zip tape in the seam allowance and the zip teeth aligned with the piping. Tack and then sew in place 3mm (Min) from the teeth using a zipper foot attachment. Close the zip and fold back the seam allowances of both edges. Laying the plain edge on the zip, line up with the piping, pin, tack and sew in place.

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