10 Home Decor Ideas For Living Room

Work out the quantity of fabric you wish to use fairly carefully, allowing extra for hemming, etc. The keys to the success of the final piece are both planning and accurate cutting. Fabrics for piping should be cut on the bias (the cross of the fabric) and therefore more fabric is required. Use faint pencil lines as a cutting guide.

It does not trouble us if wooden furniture for the garden is allowed to mellow and take on a rough, weathered patina, but we treat an antique mahogany dining chair with tender loving care, polishing it reverently and making sure it receives no damage.

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Different rooms and living spaces will, naturally, have varying styles of seating. Individual items are far more likely to make an impact and be chosen for that purpose in areas where they can be surrounded by considerable space. For example, an intricately carved old church pew or a tall, elegant wing armchair, whose upholstered sections are each covered in different fabrics, could be viewed as a decorative object when placed individually, and would provide a strong focal point for an interior. Their comfort appeal would be secondary to their looks.

Specific items will undoubtedly influence the addition of others. Selection should, though, be based on what you like and feel good about rather than on trying to ‘match’ a set of furniture. In areas such as living rooms, where several items of seating often mingle together, overall cohesion is important, although individual items may clash dramatically. This is where balance is essential.

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