10 Home Decor Ideas For Small Spaces

Trimming Piping

Join bias strips until they are the same length as the required length of piping cord. Place the cord on the wrong side of the strip, fold the strip over, align the edges, and first tack and then machine stitch along, close to the cord, using a zipper foot attachment. Pin the piping to the edge of the main fabric along the previous stitching line. Tack and stitch in place.

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Buttons, hooks and studs

Buttons Mark the position for the button and secure the thread. Slide the button over the needle and place a matchstick over the top of the button. Work stitches through the holes of the button and over the matchstick. Remove the matchstick and pull the button up, so the slack thread is behind the button. Finish by winding the working thread around the slack to make a shank, securing the thread end inside the shank.

Hooks and eyes Fix the eye part of the fastener every 5 10cm (2 4in) along the fabric by sewing a few stitches through each hoop. Ensure that the hooks are correctly aligned, then fix to the other side of the fabric by stitching over the neck.

Press studs Mark the positions of the press studs by measuring every 5 10cm (2 4in) along the fabric and 6mm (Min) from the edge. Mark the positions with pins. Sew the socket part on the seam underlap by working a few stitches through each hole. Place the ball half on the overlapping fabric and check its alignment with the socket half before securing it in place.

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