10 Home Gym Decor Ideas

Designing your seating

How seating is arranged in a room or living space is pivotal to the success of the room, from both practical and style viewpoints. In small or awkward spaces such as those under stairs, housing a free-standing piece of seating furniture would be difficult, but a built-in wooden box structure covered with loose cushions would make good use of this kind of space, transforming it into a wonderful ‘cubbyhole’ seating area for quiet reading. Give the box seat a lid and, of course, you have storage space too!

Furniture has been carefully placed to fill out – but not clutter-this area of a large converted warehouse. The day-bed, sited in the middle of the room rather than predictably hugging a wall, affords dual seating. The position of the lamp next to the sofa and of the large floor rug by the day-bed anchors the furniture.

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Long, narrow living rooms need careful planning, with groups of items strategically placed so that the entire room can be used, especially if different activities have to take place in the same space. If the entire living space is one room whether in a vast warehouse or a more modest abode – an element of flexibility is important. Mix smaller items such as stools and side chairs with larger, more imposing pieces. Combine period-inspired furniture with a modern piece or a simple item found in a junk shop. Don’t be intimidated at the thought of larger items, such as sofas or benches, being positioned in the middle of the floor. Set chairs at interesting diagonals to ‘break up’ space. And if the key to your space is a good desk, a chair and a computer, then put them centre stage!

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