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Curtain-style bed hangings

When hung as curtains, if the heading is show usually where a tubular frame is til above a bed simple headings such as eye] buttons, ties or tabs are most effective.

Tabs made from bands of fabric pages 342-343) loop around the p support. Consider making these in a fa! that contrasts in colour or pattern w the curtains themselves.

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For a dramatic effect, use alter coloured bands of fabric, such as pink . orange velvet atop a teal-coloured vei curtain. Add brass buttons to the tabs, ar. hold the curtains open, heavy rope tie-be and you have a wonderfully rich . dramatic bed arrangement.

Eyelets punched through the top the curtains also provide a stylish me of hanging fabric around a bed, hanging fabric either on a pole or on hooks fro low ceiling.

The beauty of bed hangings is that ti have an inside and an outside, making ideal opportunity to use two layers completely contrasting fabrics. Imagine a crisp white linen on the inside and a heavy brocade on the outside, or a wide striped cotton lining a toile de Jouy. Obviously, the fullness of the fabric would depend on the effect required, and the type of fabric you were using.

Swathes of gathered fabric can be hung from traditional wooden pelmets as part of a four-poster, half-tester or corona. Usually these headings, which are not really seen except from inside the bed, are gathered with tape, like curtain headings.

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