10 Living Room Design Ideas With Fireplace

Combining fabrics

This is the fabric equivalent of ‘distresse paint finishes! By breaking down and ri assembling related or contrasting fabrics one item a throw or bed-hanging, perha you can create both unexpected ar wonderful combinations and a distinct original ‘fabric’.

The idea extends and refin the idea of the patchwork quilt. As in , decoration, however, there has to be balance the two, three or many more diffe ent fabrics that work pleasingly together mi result in a piece that is more than just tl sum of its parts.

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Pile more than half a dozen tabri together on a table and you will see son kind of link. Maybe it is simply a red hi from a tartan which jumps to a silk dama of the same hue, or the creaminess of o bleached linen against a rough jute which

These cushions would have been fairly anonymous without their embroidered daisy details and deliberately rough-and-ready stitching. Customizing soft furnishings can lift them out of the ordinary. It is also cost-effective, enabling you to put scraps of old dress material and leftover snippets of upholstery fabric to good use.

Printing fabric

1 Mark a grid with felt pen on the sponge’s soft face; cut channels along the lines to make a pad of squares.

2 Squeeze paint onto plate; dilute with water to singlecream consistency; press cut face of sponge into paint.

3 Test technique on paper to avoid smudging and drips; then press sponge carefully and lightly onto flat fabric.

4 Print all the first colour of a chequerboard effect and allow to dry before filling in second-colour squares.

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