10 Minutes to Bouncy Waves

I wanted to do a post on these ten minute bouncy waves I think they’re perfect to wear when you just want to have amazing looking hair so to start off with you want to apply some heat protectant spray and then choose your iron I’m using the nume titan 3 iron I’m using the one inch attachment from this set it’s really good for those of you who might have a little bit of trouble curling your hair but if your hair holds a curl really easily I recommend the one and a quarter inch attachment for you and now onto the method we’re going to curl the top of our hair and then the bottom half and we’re going to do it all in triangles so I’m taking this section diagonally and it’s making a little bit of a triangle right there as you can see and then I’m going to curl that going away from my face once that has completely heated up.

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I’m just going to let the hair off of the iron and into my hand and then I’m going to pin that against my head while it’s still kind of curled that’s going to make sure that these curls are nice and bouncy and with this iron and this set this is going to last to the next day so you can have second day curls that look phenomenal and then I’m going to move on to my next section which is also going to be in a triangle shape so I’m parting that out and you can see how it looks right here it doesn’t have to be completely precise you just kind of want those pie shaped sections then I’m brushing it up and then curling it away from my face again now you can see these sections are fairly large which is great because it means that you don’t have to do many of them I think I only ended up doing just about ten curls for my entire head which is awesome so then I went ahead and let it out and then pinned it up to cool and again.

I’m gonna take another triangle section and then curl that and pin it so cool again so the reason that I’m doing this in triangles instead of squares like I usually do is that triangles help the hair to really flow together when you brush it out at the end so it’s fairly crucial in making those beautiful waves and I think it works with the shape of your head just a little bit better than squares do so then I also remembered that I should be wearing this glove that comes with this set because it protects your hands from the heat and it’s just so much safer guys just always wear the glove I’m trying to get in the habit of doing that so anyway then you’re going to move on to the bottom section of your hair we’re literally just doing two big sections just top and bottom and so I’m doing more triangle shapes on the bottom as well and pinning them up to cool.

If the triangle thing is freaking you out just think about parting your hair agonal II every time you pick it up and just part it in a different way every single time you do and that will end up with at least close to triangles but you don’t have to be so precise so now it’s time for the brush out once everything is completely cool and I do mean completely cool you can go ahead and take it down and once you get it down we’ll be able to brush it out now if you want these curls to last until the next day because they absolutely can with this iron in this set just put your hair in a bun on top of your head while you sleep and it should look great when you take it down the next morning so once you’ve got those curls down go ahead and either brush through them or run your fingers through them if you’re afraid of your hair kind of frizzing up a little bit you can just use your fingers but I totally recommend a brush because I think it gets a really pretty wave then to add some shine and to cut down any flyaways I might have I’m adding some shine spray to my hands and just running that over my hair once you’re done with that the hairstyle is complete so I hope you guys like this hairstyle and try it out it should be good for two days of awesome hair and if you want to try out the iron that I use you can use the code hello 2015 for 40% off of the new me site I’ll see you guys in my next post I love you very much mwah bye.

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