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Making a round cushion cover

If made without a band between the top and bottom of the cushion, round cushions are just two circular fabric pieces sewn together with or without a line of piping between the two. Cord or a small shallow fringe can be hand sewn around the finished cushion. For variety, cut two halves of different, contrasting fabrics for each side. Join them together and then proceed as if for one piece. t

1 With right sides facing, stitch the back and front together, leaving an opening. Trim corners diagonally.

2 Press the seams open. Turn the cover right side out, insert the cushion and slip stitch the opening closed.

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Layer upon layer of simple cushions provide a comfortable back for the day-bed. A pile of the same cushions, secured with tied tabs around an inner cover concealing the pad, are strategically positioned to form the arms. A mixture of warm terracotta, charcoal and ochre, offset by the occasional black and white stripe, make a bold combination.

Made to fit the seats of these metal-framed chairs, these round cushions add style as well as comfort. The two or chair in the foreground both have depth given to them by means of a band or gusset, but the one leaning against tf-back of the other chair has been made with just two circles of fabric joined together with piping.

To make a paper pattern for the cushion cover, draw around a suitably sized object such as a large plate, then add a 1.5cm (%in) seam allowance all around. Alternatively, cut a paper square with dimensions matching the diameter of the required finished circle plus extra for seam allowances. Fold the square into quarters and lay it on a flat surface. Tie a pencil onto the end of a length of string, then pin the other end of the string to the centre of the folded square so that the string between the pencil and the pin measures the radius of the required circle, plus a 1.5cm (%in) seam allowance. Draw a quarter-circle arc on the paper and cut out.

Open out the paper circle and, using this as your pattern, cut out one fabric piece for the front of the cover and one for the back. Pin and tack the two pieces together, with right sides facing and raw edges aligned. Remove the pins. Working a few reverse stitches at each end of the seam, machine stitch around the cover, leaving an opening for turning and for inserting the cushion. Remove the tacking, then trim and notch the seam allowance to reduce bulk. Press the seam open. Turn the cover right side out and press again, turning the seam allowances to the wrong side along the opening. Insert the cushion. Pin and stitch the opening closed.

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