10 Open Plan Kitchen Design Ideas


Free-standing screens were once the interior item no discerning household was without, mainly because they acted as excellent draught excluders, protecting seating areas from the vastness of the room beyond. They have been much neglected of late, which is difficult to understand as they can be very decorative and act as clever room dividers. They are, in essence, a transportable wall.

Usually made in three or more hinged sections, which allows them to stand freely, screens can be constructed using timber or metal frames covered with canvas or fabric.

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Free-standing screens make useful window coverings where a more familiar curtain or blind is perhaps difficult to install. And, in a low-ceilinged room where floor-to-ceiling windows have been designed to frame a view

Two narrow strips of rough linen are suspended between each other and the metal frame of the screen by hand-stitched red cord.

The cord adds a clever decorative element which is carried though onto the little tassels made from twine. It is a clever but simple combination, offset by the sturdy black metal frame.

Beyond and a permanent covering would be a hindrance, screens come into their own, folding away when not required. If a screen is to move from place to place make sure that it is not too heavy.

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