10 Small U Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas


The most practical of fastenings, a zip consists of two fabric tapes edged with metal teeth or a plastic coil. The teeth or coils interlock when the zip head is pulled between the two halves of the zip. Usually hidden from view behind the fabric, zips are inserted in cushion covers and loose covers so that they can be easily removed for cleaning.

Simple fastenings and zips

Cushions are marvellous furnishing tools – nothing can more easily transform a space than a cushion. They can be made in all shapes and sizes and from various different fabrics. The cushions above are all of different shapes but are linked into a Chinese porcelain theme of blue and white to complement other objects in the room.

10 Small U Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas Photo Gallery

Duvet covers, cushion covers and loose covers that require frequent washing will all require fastenings that are hard-wearing and practical. Velcro, press studs and zips meet these requirements and are the most frequently used fastenings. They are easy to conceal so that they do not detract from the main effect of the furnishing.

Velcro fastenings

Unlike other fastenings for fabrics Velcro fastenings can also be used to attach fabrics to a solid surface. For instance, they could be used to attach removable fabric panels to a room screen or to attach a valance to a wooden bed frame. In these instances and for openings that may be strained, such as duvet covers and box cushions, it is best to attach strips of Velcro fastening. For smaller openings that do not need to be so hard-wearing, such as small scatter-cushion covers, Velcro spots are more suitable.

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