10 Southern Home Decorating Ideas

Making a fabric-covered panel screen

Panel screens are made in sections from wood. The panels, once finished, are hinged together, so that each section can be at an angle to the next, thus allowing the whole screen to stand unaided.

Determine the height of the screen required and the width of each panel. As a guide, allow 180 200cm (72 78in) high by 50 60cm (20-24in) wide. You will need lengths of 5 x 2.5cm (2 x lin) timber, wood

Making a fabric-covered panel screen

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1 Secure the frame in place while the glue dries, using string and tourniquets to tighten the string.

2 Keeping the fabric taut, staple one of the fabric pieces over the frame along the narrow outer edge of the frame.

3 Attach the other fabric piece in the same way, stapling it in place along the narrow frame edge over the first piece.

4 Tack the braid around the outer edge with upholstery nails or decorative studs. Hinge the panels together.

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