10 Top Prom Hairstyles For Girls With Medium Length Hair

20 Popular Prom Hairstyles For Girls With Medium Length Hair

Five years ago, Ti Sha LovingWilliams and seven of her girlfriends went on holiday. Unbeknownst to the others, Ti Sha secretly arranged for a makeup artist and photographer to come along and the surprise them with an impromptu photoshoot.

It turned out that they had so much fun – and the pictures came out looking fabulous too – that Ti Sha and her friends annually go on holiday and mark the occasion with a glamorous photoshoot. This year the destination was Costa Rica and Ti Sha tells us the shoot was all about making a statement.

‘Our theme this year was African print attire and we just wanted to make a statement that Black Girls Travel, We Rock and We Are Enough.’ From a hair perspective it was all about embracing diversity. ‘The reason we have different looks and hairstyles is because we love being black strong women. We can be natural, or put in a protective style, wig or extensions. We are all different and beautiful’ Judging by the pictures, it’s a true testament that black women rock!

10 Top Prom Hairstyles For Girls With Medium Length Hair Photo Gallery

1. Loose Waves

1. Loose Waves

2. Messy Side Bun

2. Messy Side Bun

3. Half Up Half Down Curls

 3. Half Up Half Down Curls

4. Simple And Straight


5. Low Bun

 5. Low Bun

6. Messy Curls

 6. Messy Curls

7. Perky Ponytail With Loose Bangs

 7. Perky Ponytail With Loose Bangs

8. Romantic Twists

 8. Romantic Twists

9. Classy Side Ponytail

 9. Classy Side Ponytail

10. Chignon Knot

 10. Chignon Knot

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