10 Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas

Bed hangings

An all-white decorative scheme is often the most striking. Here the choice of bed drapery was influenced by the distressed plaster walls and wooden shutters; the pillows and bedspread, with their unusual leaf-shaped edging, and the swathes of white fabric suspended from a half-corona would not look out of place in a medieval bedchamber.

Extending the decoration of a bed up its surrounding space, by hanging fab around it or over it, can transforn straightforward bed into something ex ordinary and magical.

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Imagine climbing into a sleeping bi on a train and closing the curtains create your own private space, or ly beneath tented canvas, peering out the stars. These two effects can be easih created in your bedroom with a li forethought and planning.

Curtains can become walls, to surrour bed completely, either hung from a tr^ such as a traditional four-poster, or ; screen, between ceiling and floor. Th effective, for example, in a wide alee where a bed might be positioned side’s* to the wall.

Fabric hangings to divide or crei space may either hang like curt whether from poles or from a support a as a timber canopy or ‘pelmet’, or stretched like a screen between a supp frame or fixed hooks.

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