10 Weight Loss Workouts you should give a try

The most important thing when it comes to workouts is to be able to re-adapt every time you do a certain exercise, and change the mode of exercise every now and then. This helps prevent your body from getting used to a particular type of exercise routine which would render the exercise fruitless. In order to lose weight, it is recommended that you take part in numerous cardiovascular exercises such as aerobics, running, cycling, hiking, jogging and swimming. These exercises will help you burn calories to the maximum while improving your general health. Also to note is that, it is advisable to specialize on workouts alone to lose weight and not combining them with diets such as HCG Atkins and other diets which work separately.

1. Running

This is a very common workout that will help you burn up to 100 calories at a go. Running can be done outdoors or on a treadmill, whichever your choice is. Running helps boost your blood circulation while improving your heart rate. To begin with, get yourself a nice pair of shoes and a suitable running plan to guide you and hit the ground running. Make it a routine, and most preferably in the mornings and progressively run by covering a longer distance. The results will be evident within two or three weeks.

2. Burpees

Dreaded by many, burpees are hard yet effective in the long run. You can do this workout while a home and involves some really easy steps where you move your upper body and legs all at once in a synchronized pattern and repeat that for about ten times. It is meant to tone up your core and has been effective in losing belly fat.

3. Push ups

This total body exercise done regularly and consistently can be very rewarding when you want to lose the extra pounds. Additionally, you can modify this exercise to make it even tougher by trying the single leg push up. By doing it progressively, you will eventually lose weight.

4. Rowing

Rowing is a good exercise to lose weight when done intensively for about 20 minutes in which you make the strokes by using the energy from lower body parts (thighs) rather than your upper muscles. This helps burn the calories and to lean up your abdominal parts.

5. Step aerobics

Step aerobics will help you lose weight by targeting the hips and legs. However for this workout to be effective, you will have to up your speed and rate of movement in an intensive calorie workout.

6. Cycling

Cycling targets your legs and hip muscles. By increasing the resistance, speed and length of workout, you will burn enough calories for the day.

7. Swimming

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular workout that uses all your body muscles to burn calories. During swimming, your heart and lungs will do the extra job of supplying more oxygen to the moving muscles. This helps burn calories while boosting your cardiovascular health. Taking regular swims will help tone up your body while slimming you down.

8. Mountain climbing

Well, if you are scared of heights then you would not want to ascend too far or else….something may happen. Mountain climbing may feel too harsh but delivers the results intended. This outdoor exercise involves losing a lot of calories. For one, you will have a backpack that puts more weight on you therefore you may lose up to 150 calories, the uphill climbing and the fun involved will also inevitably force your system to shed the pounds.

9. Side planks and leg raises

This workout will target your outer thighs, obliques and deltoids. Also, involves the use of the rest of your body while holding and lifting the planks therefore helping you use up calories.

10. Lunges and squats

These exercises will require you to use a lot of calories even though they do not target a specific area of your body for weight loss. Doing jumping lunges plays an important role in toning up your thighs in the long run while strengthening your lower body muscles.

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