15 Bad Ass Exercises To Build An Athletic Body


In the previous chapters, we raised the issue of athletes’ environments and how they may affect their psyche, their long-term motivation, their emotional drive. We examined the possibility that their insecurities and desires (or needs) to prove themselves sometimes are a driving force that motivate them to train hard, develop their skills, best glute exercises for massand defeat opponents over and over again. Proving themselves serves as a defense of their ego.

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Out of that, other questions pop up: on the short-term, what things trigger powerful mind-body forces which act as additives to performance? How do athletes provoke and control this arousal? In this segment, we’ll look at triggers which elite athletes use to spark that extra effort, especially under pressure in the moment of truth, and their methods of harnessing the pressure. Here are some of the triggers we’ll look at:

• Intrinsic triggers: With an apparent need to prove themselves, athletes use opponents, crowds, and media as catalysts.

• Extrinsic triggers: Money, awards, doing it for teammates, relatives, or country.

Often, it is hard to distinguish between intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. For example, an athlete may use the lure of a big cash contract (extrinsic) to try harder, but perhaps the underlying motivation is intrinsic because he wants the big contract to soothe his ego, to show he’s worth more than his opponents.

Finding the optimal levels of arousal and concentration can be individual endeavors for an athlete. In chapter 10, I’ll look at how athletes raise their hormone levels through anger and fear. In chapter 11, I’ll discuss how they use calming techniques prior to competition to bring themselves down when they get over-aroused, which follows, best glute exercises for mass in chapter 12, with a look at concentration and visualization techniques. glute exercises for runners In chapter 13, the focus shifts to athletes during the heat of competition and how they can change their mind- body chemicals for the moment of truth.

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