15 Best Backstage Hair Looks From Fashion Week SS19

I got a box and then, I didn’t know what it was so I ripped it and then I realized I’m not supposed to look inside of it until they post. This post so hey guys it’s Rachel I, don’t know how, many of you know this. Which I mean like it wouldn’t be that, weird if you didn,’t know this my birthday is coming up on February 24th and Monica or Harry Oh dynamic just had her birthday and since our birthdays are in the same month even though. They’re really far apart they’re still, in the same month we, decided to do upper if they swap a swap is basically where you have spending limit and you send each other things in the mail let’s see if we can get this post to 75,000 likes for me and Monica giving each other birthday presents.

But the things that I bought her you wouldn,’t even question whether ,I’m the one that bought it you’re just like she would buy that for somebody. If you want to see what I bought for Monica, click this box right over, her let’s get on this slob this definitely is out of our spending limit what did you do well I like socks because you ripped Meg’s it’s true i barred maybaby socks while.

I was in LA and I completely ripped them. But I tried to play it off that I did,n’t let’s, do what this is it this Kate Spade Monica there’s no way this is in our budget I got this from vintage for like half the price to be on cuz I’m a baller wait that’s so funny. Because I sent her like a ton necklace from Free, People that I would never, be able to fit in our budget if it wasn’t for vented how would I like describe what Vincent I mean vintage is basically like a online marketplace for people to swap by style clothes for warheads cheaper. Than it actually is you I should follow me on, vintage my vintage username is, rclbeauty101 because so funny we both like it all right. I really like this Wow this necklace is $98 Thank You vintage you just got me a necklace for so much cheaper like. I’ll have vintage link down below, because I think you guys would actually be interested in this I hit my heading so many different places why didn’t I see that coming.

15 Best Backstage Hair Looks From Fashion Week SS19 Photo Gallery

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