19 Instagram Make-Up Artists Halloween Fans Need To Follow

Hey guys it’s ritual, so I decided that I wanted to do five awesome tricks on Halloween. Because these are kind of life hacks but they,’re also kind of just, tricks also I dyed my hair purple. You would know that if you had me on snapchat, so awesome give this post, a thumbs up and let’s see. If we can get this to five or two thousand, likes I know it’s a lot I know that and comment down below which one of these tricks is the coolest to you.

I love you guys so much and let’s, get on with the post, for the pumpkin drink dispenser you’re gonna need to carve the top and the inside out of the pumpkin then take any old drink dispenser thing this was like $3 and cut the dispenser piece out then make a hole in the side of the pumpkin to fit it and then wrap two rubber bands around the outside of the dispenser.

So that I can suction cup any liquid from getting, out of the pumpkin then, stick the dispenser into the side of the pumpkin and fill it with any drink and voila for the great fire you need boric acid which also happens to be the only ingredient in ant killers so it’s easy to get. But also do not do this without your parents I, don’t want any, of you to get an allergic reaction or like burn your house down like even my mom is in the room with me hi hi mom see put some of the antkiller in a bowl and some water and mix them together. Then dip the candle wick in it and leave it, in for a little while, then put it back in the candle then congratulations. I just convinced you to do a science project when you’re not even in school to turn any drink it’s a sign put your preferred drink choice into a cup and Diet red or green with food coloring.

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