1950s 60s Updo Inspired by Dianna Agron

Today i’m recreating this hairstyle to diana agron ahead in Sam Smith’s newest music post it’s a very kind of retro updo which I really like it’s a great throwback it’s really pretty you could wear it for a formal occasion or even Halloween just depending on your tastes this hairstyle begins with a side part to go ahead and part your hair on the side however you would like to and then we’re going to go ahead and section the hair out for the little wave in the bang area so you’re going to go from the end of your part down to the temple on the opposite side of your head this is just going to create a little triangle section in this triangle section we’re going to use for our bangs later so you’re just going to go ahead and put that out of the way for now then we’re going to move on to making the bouffant which she had kind of a lot of volume so I’m going to show you how to get a lot of volume if you want it start with a section right behind your bang area and tilt it forward then it’s he’s backward making sure that you go up the hair a couple of inches going up the hair gets you actually more volume than just staying put right at the base of the hair so make sure to travel up just a little bit you can see.

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I’ve already got a lot going on I’m going to take two more similar sections and just tease making sure that I still go up the hair as I go and this is going to get lots and lots of volume you can always do less if that’s your preference I just wanted to show you how to get as much as you could in case you wanted to so once you have that teasing end just gently smooth over the top of it to make sure that everything looks nice from the top and we hide all the craziness that’s hiding underneath then once you have that nicely smooth you’re just going to gather everything together in the back and push up until you had the amount of volume that you want then just pin as many times as you need to to get a nice secure hold on that little bouffant then section out your hair that’s in front of your ears on either side of your head and we’re going to go ahead and comb those sections back you’re just going to kind of sweep them straight back right against the bottom of the little bouffant and then place it on top of the bobby pins now.

I give mine just a couple of little twists and I just think that kind of makes it look nice it makes it flow with the bun that’s coming next but you don’t have to if you don’t want to just make sure that you sweep it back and pin it over the bobby pins and then do the same thing on the other side just sweeping it back right underneath the bump that we made twisting it and then pinning it in place and then before doing the bun I put a little bit of oil onto my hands and just ran that over my hair my hair was a little bit fuzzy and I didn’t want the bun to end up fuzzy so if you go ahead and smooth it out beforehand it makes everything look better afterward you can always use like a leave in conditioner or whatever oil you have for this but you can see it really did help to kind of calm my hair down a little bit so then once you have your hair ready to go for this bun you’re basically going to split it in half and then make a little 1/2 circle shapes with your hair so I’m twisting and making a little half circle shape and then I’m going to pin that against my head and then I’m going to do the same thing in the opposite direction with the other side so I’m twisting it making a little half circle that kind of overlaps with the previous one and then I’m pinning that in place and you’re just going to continue making little half circles as you go now dianna agron has much shorter hair than me so her bun ended up a lot smaller and it looked a little bit different just because you know her hair was shorter so this is what it would look like on longer hair but you can always reference her picture for what this technique would look like on shorter hair.

I’m just you know depending on what you’ve got going on but this technique will definitely work for any hair length you just do as many little half circles as you need to to get all of your hair in place and up into a nice pretty little bun so you can see here I have my last two sections so I’m just twisting this last one around and then tucking the ends underneath the bun so they don’t stick out and then do the same thing on the other side and now it’s time for the bangs I’m going to use a little bit of heat protectant to keep my hair safe and then we’re going to be taking sections that radiate out from the back corner of our section kind of like little rays of sunshine or you know pieces of pizza which is basically the same thing so basically we’re taking our first little slice of pizza going from the back corner of the section and you can see here we have our little triangle and I’m just going to tease that a little bit and then wrap it toward my face making sure that the iron is on the same line as that little ray of sunshine would be or right down the center of the piece of pizza whichever analogy you prefer so once that’s heated through go ahead and take the iron off and then pin your curl up to cool against your head that way we get a nice strong curl because we’re going to have to brush through this a lot to get it into shape then take your next slice of pizza or ray of sunshine and of course we’re going to tease it again and then you’re going to curl it again with the iron going in the same direction as a little ray of sunshine would from the back corner of your section.

I hope this really makes sense I’m trying to make this make sense although it sounds a little silly right now so then you’re going to that one more time with one last section just a little bit of teasing make sure that you curl it flat against the iron and then set it to cool and then you have to make sure that all of these curls cool before you take them down I actually literally stuck my head in a freezer and it worked really well funnily enough anyway so then you take all the curls down and it’s time to brush them out so I like to brush through them just a couple of times with the brush runs smoothly and then I placed my hand right over the teasing so the hair kind of fell over it and created this swoop and then I brushed the hair to further enhance the swoop and your hand kind of really helps some moles the curl here so definitely utilize that and then while holding the swoop in place use your other hand to sweep the hair back then you can let go with the hand that was holding the swoop and use that hand to kind of arrange everything to where you like it and then I used a clip to kind of hold everything in place for me just to make sure that nothing moved around while I was pinning the end of the hair if your hair is long enough to get to the bun just use a lot of Clips to get it into the shape that you would like it to be in so basically here I’m just arranging it it’s the shape I want it and tucking the end underneath the bun and then pinning that in place again if you don’t have hair long enough to get to the back of your bun just put clips in it too so it makes the shape that you want it to and then we’re going to hairspray it like crazy and that’s going to help it to hold its shape then just go ahead and pull any clips that you have left out and your hairstyle is complete I really like seeing kind of a throwback to more retro hairstyles that still looks really elegant and sophisticated and not really cheesy at all I think it’s really pretty and I really like it so I hope you guys try this hairstyle out I know my recreation is a little different from hers just because my hair is longer and a different color and all that kind of stuff but I do like how it turned out and I hope you guys do too I’m going to see you guys in my next post I love you very much and I’ll see you then mwah bye.

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