The 2 Minute Hairstyle Challenge with Twist Me Pretty

Hey everyone Haley here and today I had a Bianco’s unready thing we wanted to do something different and we’re actually going to start a hair challenge but there are tons of makeup challenges which I introduced YouTube because they’re addictive I literally spent like four hours just going through challenge after challenge and by the end of it all the kids – morning what am i doing this but I feel awake say I was like you know what US hair girls need a challenge so we’re going to do the two-minute hair challenge so it’s gonna be a two-minute hairstyle we are trying for like actual hairstyles not like hair in a ponytail but like yeah something I try yellow hard to make something happen here and I don’t know how this is gonna go good.

I never lie to myself for cumin I don’t even know what I’m doing like I’m still racking my brain with like over the restyle all right so good a timer then I’m gonna use its bejeweled okay I had this since I was in high school and I school i bedazzled everything and this is I tried the camera that’s completely covered in rhinestones I’m serious I think I’ve kept it.

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I’ll see if I can find real laters amazing but we got it set for oh I set for minute let’s fix that it’s set for minutes and beats really low whatever it’s done so we will all know when it’s done alright okay you ready for this no neither but let’s do it anyway three two I’m going go okay okay alright so I’m trying this like knotted braid because I love it somebody did this on me a couple months ago and it looks so good I feel like knots are really blowing up right now I think so too like yeah braids like knots Topsy tables um chin yawns yeah how do you say that I was thought it was like a the way that I just said I know it is an item anything wrong for like years I think it’s second yeah I don’t know what the language of origin is on taht.

I think that will probably help me dancer shakeshake Nong please spell it right with eg chicken um alright I think I’ve got done with the French part of it now I decide one class and then I lost I think I lost my strap no I’m trying to see if no it looks like you’ve got it yeah so what are you doing well I’m not gonna do it I don’t really know I’m Doug Haley I’m just doing this awesome braid is what I’m doing casual even know where we were going with it what’s the eyes yeah like we’re just gonna find out because I really have no clue.

I’m really caught my eye right sanchin showcases uh I think no once you put the braid okay okay yes okay you’re good alright texturizing powder do you like that stuff yeah the OSIS is great I’ve never tried it it’s it’s good um you know it’s similar to the cheaper versions of the same thing Kate are we like we’re doing very similar so er well we partner here on the same side don’t like yeah I do a really side part though you’re just kind of like seconds what nah I didn’t do it Roger we got too comfortable didn’t we yes I started this kind of looks like a hairstyle all right I’m gonna tuck this in oh my god no it’s like in love no I’m not I got it in my head.

I fell I fell you did way more than I did though I don’t like how it looks from the front I didn’t do a good job with that you see it looks like I have like growth it looks like you of my baby hairs but it’s kind of lonely tonight you guys doesn’t she drive you crazy look how pretty that is I’m just gonna keep cheating right here Oh a be lazy fine but let the record show that I was not an insider okay fine hey looks good let’s I’m going to move this so that your tracks are covered give you a little teasing mom I can’t let the record show that she let me cheat and it’s her fault all right well this is what we did in two minutes though I just don’t think you look you look great you got that done really well like I need a really pluck this out more but okay it’s good it’s good it’s good okay we’ve realized that we’re kind of like twins I like the blonde twin and she has like the darker her twin and we’re like the same person we basically are like separated at Birth day we met in real life today and it was like we’ve been friends forever yeah basically that’s oh no you found someone special that’s true so what are you moving to LA I’m like yesterday Carrie are we ready for round two can we do it and you’re gonna really try hard not to cheat this time okay.

I might eat this up three two one go just so you know this is way harder than it looks what is way harder doing this in two minutes oh yeah it really is is gonna be easy we were talking about two minutes and I was like please too long we need one minute I got I had two minutes in me I could have you seen my tutorial already so many hairstyles in two minutes I feel like there’s this pressure because you have to get it done and you also want to do it like for me I’m a hardcore perfectionist so I’m like has to be perfect I really need a mirror in the back I’m sorry that’s okay I don’t have a mirror for you so this is like the what are you doing okay so you’re doing a little bit of a lace braid it’s actually a lot more similar to tourism.

I originally anticipated like how you’re taking it up from house oh thanks alright we got a minute left it’s not my I’m sorry I even a succession of Topsy tails I have you guys I literally have no idea what this is more like it’s gotta be beautiful because you’re so good at hair stop it alright I am pulling man apart now because I’m learning from what happened to you last time what Oh cuz I didn’t get to that yeah I’ve got seconds left we’re here it’s like silk I just didn’t do conditioning master today so don’t like and I are like a thousand Hertz I was yesterday yeah so will I get opposite points on this oh my hair is so textured right now and like really needs to be watched but like I saw you today and I was like oh my gosh holy texture that’s amazing so I’m not judging well you know we’re just gonna take it day by day see how long I can go without washing my hair side then wash it in six days six days people wow I’m impressed I think I’m done yeah.

I have no idea what that looks like though so that’s going to be a really that’s gonna be that telltale sign all right and now I’m going to alright I’ve got a couple seconds left don’t finish don’t finish ha oh did you finish just finish Oh guys I want this to be bigger but um because really that is like a bodacious bun like I love Eddie go fit food I actually kind of like it a lot about yours looks I’m so freaked you’e t-top see Hillary oh I didn’t even notice the third one right there maybe one is a lace braid and then I wrapped it around a ponytail so really easy so just so you guys know I did that one and I could even finish the braid and she finished the braids tied it off and wrapped it around on a pony jess is like liquid liquid just dad is right here alright so that’s it for our two-minute hairstyle challenge we did two rounds just for the fun of it I love it you did a great job I like both of yours you did agree oh I hear did a great job I hope you guys enjoyed it and make sure to go check out Abby’s channel we’re gonna do a video over there so I’m going to link that below as well and it’s gonna be epic a tie my name is Zoe um and obviously you should subscribe to her cuz she makes amazing hair tutorials as well check it out below and I’ll see you guys in in this video.

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