2015 hairstyles for fine thin hair

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Choose the Big Chop or a transitioning method that works for you at the moment, the end result is what matters.

Transitioning Tools to Have on Hand

Wide-tooth comb, medium-tooth comb and fine-tooth comb for sectioning hair and separating curls.

Butterfly clips, sectioning clips in various sizes

Plastic shower caps for deep conditioning

Steaming cap for ultra-deep conditioning

Setting lotion, detangling spray or lotion, heat-protectant spray for blow drying

A favorite shampoo and conditioner

Leave-in conditioning spray or lotion – avoid heavy greasy products or petroleum-based products that attract dirt and dust.

Rollers, straws

Bobby pins – various lengths

Spray bottles

Blow dryer with attachments, or a hooded dryer

Vented blow-drying brush – find one that does not snag the hair

Braid and scalp spray – helps hold braid styles and minimizes itchy scalp

Light hairspray to hold curly styles

Barber scissors

Congratulations, you have officially started your journey! Now is the time to take your Before’ shot.

2015 hairstyles for fine thin hair Photo Gallery

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