September 2017

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Health Benefits Of PECAN NUTS

Health Benefits Of PECAN NUTS Pecan nuts are similar to hickory nuts. Pecan nuts are the second-best nut source of lipids: 72g to the macadamia’s 76g. But pecans have half the saturated fat (6g) and 10 times the polyunsaturated content (22g) of the macadamia. In a four-week study, when the pecan nut diet replaced a […] Read more

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Health Benefits Of BRAZIL NUTS

Health Benefits Of BRAZIL NUTS Brazil nuts are exceptionally rich in the mineral selenium (1900-2960mcg). The daily RDI is 55mcg, with an upper level intake of 400mcg from supplements. Brazil nuts are so rich in selenium that it would be a big waste of money to buy a selenium supplement. One Brazil nut a day […] Read more

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Health Benefits Of HAZEL NUTS

Health Benefits Of HAZEL NUTS Hazel nuts are a member of the Corylus family of trees, and depending on their country of cultivation, hazel nuts may also be termed as filberts or cob nuts. Hazel nuts are the second-best nut sources of vitamin E (15-20mg), with the almond nut supplying 26mg of vitamin E. A […] Read more

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Yoga Poses For Chakras

Contribution of Arthur Newton “If any psychologist will take the trouble to trace out the history of each of our prominent pedestrians he will discover that a very large proportion of them have been subject to some form of madness. ” Perhaps the greatest debt of all is owed to the late Arthur Newton, who, […] Read more

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10 Weight Loss Tips

The hypotonic solution will, however, ensure high rates of gastric emptying (Rehrer et al, 1989a). The carbohydrate should be a glucose polymer, but the optimum chain length of the polymer has still to be determined (Moodley et al, 1991). Recent evidence suggests that, in theory at least, soluble startch may be Effects of carbohydrate ingestion […] Read more

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Yoga Poses Posters

In their first significant study, these authors (Coyle et al, 1986a) compared the blood glucose concentrations and the rates of carbohydrate oxidation and muscle glycogen utilization in cyclists who ingested either a placebo (no carbohydrate) or a glucose polymer solution (approximately 400 g in 4 hours) during prolonged exercise. They found that glucose polymer ingestion […] Read more

Male Weight Loss Tips

A Proposed Solution This argument has shown that the fluid requirement for most runners during exercise is about 500 ml/hr. Thus the key in developing the optimum replacement fluid for ingestion during exercise is to develop a drinking pattern that will provide optimum carbohydrate replacement at a gastric emptying rate of 500 ml/hr without causing […] Read more

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Heart Rate Pregnancy Exercise

“The Importance of Volume in Regulating Gastric Emptying,” Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 23(3), 1991, © by American College of Sports Medicine. Adapted by permission. The general accuracy of these predictions is indeed confirmed by the results of two recent studies. Ryan et al. (1989) reported a rate of gastric emptying in excess […] Read more



DATES DIET Fresh and dried dates are a compact energy food with 75% carbohydrate content and 8g of fibre— that’s bulky. If you lack energy and need a quick snack, dates are ready any time to boost your whole body. The muscular system will be given 650-730mg of potassium per 100g, to improve blood circulation, […] Read more

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How to Lose Weight by Eating VEGETABLES

How to Lose Weight by Eating VEGETABLES The vegetable kingdom provides incredible benefits, a full range of colours and an incredible variety of flavours, textures, shapes and sizes. Nutritionally speaking, we would be lost without vegetables, as a major portion of the essential minerals and vitamins are derived from fresh vegetables in particular. Fresh vegetables […] Read more