September 2017

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Exercises To Improve Running

Blood glucose levels represent a balance between the rate of glucose production by the liver and the rate of glucose utilization by muscle and other tissues. When the rate of blood glucose utilization exceeds the rate of production by the liver, blood glucose levels fall, causing impaired function, particularly of the brain, which depends on […] Read more

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Kripalu Yoga Poses

Carbohydrates The absorbed glucose, fructose, and galactose ultimately travel to the liver, where the fructose and galactose are converted to glucose. The studies of Katz and McGarry (1984) suggest that most of the ingested glucose must first be metabolized to lactate by either skeletal muscle or possibly by the liver itself (D.W. Foster, 1984). The […] Read more



CHERRIES DIET Cherries provide a very low glycemic index, making them an ideal fruit for diabetics and those hyperactive children. Not only are they much better than lollies, they’re also the ‘lolly look alike’ of fruits! Cherries are packed with painkilling power due to their supply of anthocyanins, in the natural pigments. A quantity of […] Read more

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Chair Yoga Poses For Seniors

Practical Application of Research on V02Max, Running Economy, and Peak Treadmill Running Velocity Few athletes in the world have ready access to laboratories capable of measuring V02max, running economy, or peak treadmill running velocity. Thus, the information that we have covered in some detail in the previous pages may be very interesting but may at […] Read more

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Weight Loss Tips 2018

OTHER PREDICTORS OF RUNNING PERFORMANCE A fascination with the belief that the V02max is the alpha and omega of exercise physiology has blinded us to the possibility that other factors may be equal or better predictors of running performance (Noakes, 1988b). My colleagues and I were first alerted to this possibility by finding that peak […] Read more

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Natural Weight Loss Tips

IMPLICATIONS OF RESEARCH ON RUNNING ECONOMY Most of the early physiological research into the effects of running training focused almost exclusively on the effects of training on the athlete’s V02max. Yet we now know that the V02max of a healthy individual is relatively sExercises and changes relatively little, even with very intensive training (J. Daniels, […] Read more

Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 50

At higher facing wind speeds, the oxygen cost of running increases enormously. Wind speeds of 35 km/hr would reduce running speeds by about 2.5 km/hr, speeds of 60 km/hr by about 8 km/hr (see Exercises 2.5). The additional oxygen costs of running up differing gradients or into facing wind speeds of different velocities. The practical […] Read more

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Pregnancy Yoga Poses

Davies found that when a runner was measured on the treadmill, facing winds of up to 18 km/hr had no effect on the oxygen cost of running. But the same conditions on the road will have a very marked effect. On the treadmill, the athlete does not move forward and thus does not expend energy […] Read more

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Ulcers (Varicose and Tropical)

Ulcers (Varicose and Tropical) Varicose ulcers can form on the lower legs when the veins are not functioning properly, often as a result of varicose veins. Elderly people are particularly prone to this condition, especially if they suffer from poor circulation – some merely have to scratch the skin on their lower legs to develop […] Read more