November 2017

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Mens Hairstyles Names

When you use a color refresher at least once a month you will find the color pigments stay in place much longer than the average once a month color service. I believe healthy hair is clean hair so I shampoo daily. Also, if I work out (or I should say when I work out), I […] Read more

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Skin Care Acne

Skin Care Acne Summary of the Properties and Applications of Lavender Oil Lavender oil has ofen been called the most versatile of all essential oils but why? By examining its history of use, medical applications and its chemical make-up, it becomes clear that lavender has several diverse areas of activity, being a valuable oil for […] Read more

10 Are Exercise Bikes Effective For Weight Loss

Why train at home? When I first started training at home, it was mostly out of necessity and for personal reasons. Nowadays, having a couple of thousand subscribers on my YouTube channel and people in general reaching out to me who find my work helpful and motivating, is something that has become a very powerful […] Read more

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What Type Of Exercise Can You Do While Pregnant

Barriers and Strategies to Proper Nutrition Practices Athletes identify many challenges they face when attempting to implement sound nutrition principles. Limited financial resources is a frequently cited reason for improper nutrition habits, since many athletes believe eating healthier costs more money and so they opt for cheaper, lower-quality foods. The practitioner needs to have a […] Read more

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10 Best Bodyweight Exercises For Weight Loss

Master the Basics I love exercise; strength training, fitness, physique enhancement, running, swimming, rowing, you name it. It has been a part of my life ever since I took training seriously by joining my hometown rowing team at the age of 12. Since then, committing to the disciplined lifestyle of an athlete has equipped me […] Read more

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Philosophy Skin Care Reviews

Philosophy Skin Care Reviews Stress-related Conditions Perhaps of the greatest value, and what makes lavender unique in comparison to other oils such as tea tree, is its pronounced regulating effect on the nervous system. Within both the physical and psychological realm lavender is a ‘reconciler of opposites’, having an essentially balancing and harmonizing nature. In […] Read more

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What Exercise To Do While Pregnant

Carbohydrate Loading Carbohydrate loading is a performance- enhancement strategy that intentionally increases muscle glycogen stores beyond normal values in order to delay fatigue during a critical performance. Carbohydrate loading was first examined in 1967 by researcher Bjorn Ahlborg who found that physically active, though not specifically well trained, individuals could super-compensate their glycogen stores over […] Read more

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Can Can You Still Exercise When Pregnant

Advanced Performance-Enhancing Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique Being “in the groove” is a state of mind. You want to prepare yourself so that you will be in this special state of mind when you get into the gym, onto the court or onto the playing field. Recall a time when you were “in […] Read more