2019 Met Gala Theme and Celebrity Hosts

Everything You Need To Know About The Met Gala 2019: Who’s Hosting, What’s The Theme, What To Expect

The 2019 Met Gala Theme has been revealed

2019 Met Gala: Hosts

Here’s everything you need to know about the Met Gala 2019: What is the Met Gala 2019 theme?

rihanna met gala

Huge Black Friday Haul

Hey guys you like my nails they’re stickers. Today I’m going to do a here’s all the stuff I bought kind of I’ll start off with forever 21, we the first thing that. I got is a plain white crop top true story I got this t-shirt apparently I’m a wild one guys I got 50% off of 1899, and I just really wanted a gold sweater the back looks like that they’re like Oxford’s. But they’re also not like officers. Because there’s a hole on the side and there’s a Chane classy I also got this cropped making au sweater sell for H&M I got a black places I got a skater skirt in black with a zipper in the back, and I had this.

But like you know I got they got two smalls yeah I also got these pants they’re cool I was looking everywhere for leather pants.

But I couldn’t find them they’re like Metallica condo okay I’m camera it looks like squeaky it’s not squeaky now let’s go to pack size, and despite the look of it I didn’t get that much.

I got three feet the only clothing item that I got was this gray leather jacket here’s how the back looks the underarms or may have fabric instead of leather I will wear you a lot I promise then I got two pairs of shoes hi the first ones that I got are these boots they look like every other pair of riding boots I haven’t worn them yet. But look wise I obsessed with them, and I will work when I got these, and I would have rather gotten these brown.


Blake Lively 2018 Met Gala

When is the Met Gala 2019?

The show will be unveiled at the annual gala party on 6 May (the first Monday in May, of course) at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

But they didn’t have anything in my size do you understand how hard it is to find a girl size 10 anywhere it’s pretty hard they look tan on camera. But they’re really great yeah then this is my sister’s doing. But she got a necklace for 10 bucks then from a local boutique I got three bathing suits ghazan going on a cruise in December I got this one it’s a banjo. But it has straps, and I got this one which is real blue by the way these look push up. But they’re not currently ain’t about that pushers life, and then lastly I got this as a beauty guru I’m not trying to point you guys okay I did go to Sephora, and I did buy something. But it wasn’t on sale, and I paid the full price in a random store I also got this little phone case.


Who will host the event?

Alessandro Michele

Who will design the exhibition?

Katy Perry Met Gala 2018

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