3 Brides Different 3 Different Budgets

3 Brides Different 3 Different Budgets

Whether you’re going all-out or Diy-ing, these are the clever iDeas that you’ll Want to steal ‘I knew that I wanted to be as ImagInatIve (and thrify!) as possible when it came to our big day. I’d been to a few “create-your-own” weddings before and just loved the personal, unique vibe they gave of. When it came to choosing my elements, I found inspiration on wedding blogs and Pinterest, and had a whole mood board of “I could make this” ideas. Although, while creating one item isn’t much work, 120 of them can be! I had very sore fngers afer tying my invite packs together.

3 Brides Different 3 Different Budgets Photo Gallery

It was worth it, though. Te wedding stationery was our best budget-saver. I designed the invites myself – I found a few ideas and motifs online and in magazines, and created a simple graphic design from those.

3 Brides Different 3 Different Budgets

For the tables, we named each of them afer areas of Glastonbury Festival, where we got engaged. In the June before our wedding, I had tickets to the same festival so I went round taking photographs of signs and structures, which I printed of in black and white on textured paper to look like old postcards.

3 Brides Different 3 Different Budgets

For the order of services, I sketched a picture of the Oxford chapel we were getting married in and designed a cover around that then printed them all out on fancy paper. Our largest splurge was the food and drink. We wanted to make sure it was perfect with plenty of booze and canapés there’s nothing worse than being hungry at a drinks reception!.

3 Brides Different 3 Different Budgets

Fiona’s top tips ‘Leave the smaller details until you know how much money you have to play with. Get the big, necessary stuf out of the way frst and then you can think more creatively and cheaply about the fun elements.

3 Brides Different 3 Different Budgets

Concentrate on a few high-impact pieces; we couldn’t aford huge centrepieces, but it didn’t cost much to decorate a whole tree with ribbon and get the forist to hang up a few jam jars of fowers. Also, hire, hire, hire! I could have spent months at car boot sales and in charity shops looking for antique vases. Instead, I hired the lot from our forist. Who needs 100 vases?.

The Dress Three quarter length, ’50s-style dress, £1,500, morgandavieslondon.co.uk. I also had two pairs of shoes – green, high ones for the ceremony and red, lower heels from kurtgeiger.com (found in the sale!) for dancing.

The venue £2,500, to hire, Friars Court at silverpearweddings.co.uk. We borrowed the marquee from a friend. Our ceremony venue – the local church – was free as Pete’s father is a reverend there. He also did the service, which was such a personal touch. The caTering £8,500 for three courses, sadlerscatering.co.uk.

During the day, we had loads of canapés and, in the evening, cheese, pork pies and Tunnock’s Tea Cakes. We also had 80 bottles of wine, 100 bottles of Peroni, 150 glasses of Pimm’s and 60 bottles of wholesale Brice champagne. The cake Free! Lovingly made by Pete’s mum.

The Decor Cake stands and vintage-looking servingware, £200, ebay.co.uk. We also hired croquet sets for guests.

Ribbons (for tree decoration), from £3.79 a metre, jaycotts.co.uk The Flowers £1,400, greenandgorgeous flowers.co.uk The sTaTionery Free! I designed the order of services and save the dates myself – these were then sent via email. The enTerTainmenT £275. A friend’s brother was our DJ, so we received mates’ rates! The PhoTograPher From £1,200, jeremyenness.com.

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