3 Effortless Date Night Hairstyles

These three effortless looking hairstyles that are perfect for any occasion especially Valentine’s Day which is coming up soon I have a couple here so no matter what you’re doing on Valentine’s Day I think there might be something for you and I’m going to start everything off with these kind of bombshell inspired tousled curls I’m going to start off as always by protecting my hair from the heat with this Paul Mitchell spray it does a really good job of protecting my hair but it also adds holds to the curls lasts longer then I’m going to be using my nume lustrum set and I’m going to grab the one inch attachment from that set I think this one is great for getting those kind of PC defined curls and so I think this is a good one for everybody to go with so I’m going to pop that in and go ahead and get that started the way that we’re going to curl the hair is actually by taking the most random sections that you possibly can so I’m starting off with this kind of middle of the road section like it’s a good average section I’m going to wrap it away from my face and then I’m going to hold it in my hand for just a couple seconds and let it go then.

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I’m going to grab a completely different size section for my next piece so I’m grabbing a very tiny little section and I’m actually going to be curling it toward my face so basically what I’m trying to do is make sure that every time I curl it’s like a snowflake it’s different than every other curl on my head and that ends up giving you the most natural most tousle look so you can see here I’m taking a little bit of a bigger section and now I’m curling away from my face I’m also not sectioning at all this is all about grabbing random sections and I think because you end up grabbing random sections it actually goes a lot faster so basically that’s all I do is just make sure that I have your a snowflake curls so that they all look extremely different and I think when it’s all done it ends up looking really really great so I totally love this method and I think it’s really user friendly because you don’t have to be particular so it’s a great one for those of you guys that like to just curl your hair and go so I’m finishing up the side and then I’m going to do the exact same thing that I did on the other side so just going through and curling really randomly in different directions with different sizes until it’s all done and now it’s time to toss all the curls so go ahead and throw them over your head and just shake them around to break up that ringlets formation that they’re in now even though dry shampoo is just for oil control I like to use it for volumizing and texturizing my hair so I’m applying it to my roots to add a bit of volume.

I’m actually letting it go through the ends a little bit to give it some texture as well this helps you to get some texture to your hair without any product feel and now I’m massaging the ends of my hair to go ahead and tousle them even more this does add a little bit of messiness to the hair but I like that if you’re not as much of a fan of that kind of tousled messy look just skip this step and you’ll still have nice pretty waves then I’m just spreading my hair with a bit of hairspray and scrunching it this helps to further to find the curls and add a bit of hold Maia curls do tend to last really well with this curling iron anyway but you know you always want to make sure that you have as much hold as possible especially if you’re going on a date or anything so that is it for the bombshell inspired curls and now on to our flirty ponytail I can see this being perfect for anything from like the movies to a sports game or even with a cute little black dress for a nice night out I’m going to grab the one and a quarter inch iron for these curls but you could also use the tapered wand the tapered one is going to give you more beachy curls whereas the one and a quarter inch is going to give you more loose waves and I’m going to go with the loose waves so I’m actually doing the exact same curl pattern that I did before so I’m just doing random curls.

All over my head until all of my hair is curled and this is just giving me a nice gentle wave you can always go for a tighter curl if that’s more your thing you could also do this on second day curls if you kind of prefer to not have to curl your hair before the ponytail if you have naturally wavy hair or second day curls they’ll work really well for this as well so once all of this hair is curled I am ready to go before we move on to the ponytail I wanted to show you guys how the one and a quarter inch iron curls look because they’re more loose and a little bit more free flowing than the one inch curls so I thought I would just show you the difference so you can pick out which one would be best for you and now let’s move on to the ponytail.

I’m actually going to split my hair in half from the ears up and then I’m going to make a ponytail with that top section of hair so basically you want to make sure that when you do this the front is nice and loose I’m just going to run my fingers through it to make sure everything is tousled and not pulled back too tightly and then I’m just going to go ahead and secure everything with an elastic then once that’s them we’re going to throw the ponytail over our head and make a ponytail with the hair this left underneath it I’m doing two ponytails for a couple of reasons first of all it helps your ponytail to look a little bit longer and second of all it helps your ponytail to look thicker and it’s just helpful to make a more statement see ponytail when you do it this way then if you were to do just one ponytail holder so once you’ve done that second ponytail flop the second one down and you should have them fairly close together they should only be about an inch apart don’t go too crazy here and now to be a little bit sneaky and cover up those bands we’re going to take a large section of hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail that way you can’t tell there’s two different ponytails it just makes it look like you have really really ridiculously thick long luscious hair once you’ve wrapped it around just pin it in place with a couple of bobby pins and you are done with your ponytail.

It’s actually super simple but it looks really great and it kind of makes a statement and finally we have our romantic hairstyle which we obviously need for Valentine’s Day I think this one is just so sweet and so ladylike you’re going to start out by taking a large section of hair from in front of your ears on either side and we’re going to use these sections to make the half updo and just so you know the curls that I’m wearing for this hairstyle I did with a 3/4 inch attachment from the nume lustrum set I just took really big pieces but I did the exact same curling method that I did the rest of the post so I don’t want to show you that all over again anyway so now that you have your two big sections from the front you’re going to pull them back into a half up ponytail and I’m just using a clear elastic to secure both pieces back in the center of my head and now you’re going to create a Topsy tail by flipping the ponytail of your half updo through just a couple of times basically just flip it around until you see twists forming on either side of your elastic then to soften the twists.

Up just a little bit give them a little bit of a tug right along the twist and you can see that kind of opens it up and makes it look much more loose and romantic then grab the ponytail from your half updo and a little bit of extra hair twist it very loosely and then create a little bun right there on top of your elastic once you have that bun form the way that you want it go ahead and pin it in place a couple of times once you have the bun pinned your hairstyle is done I love this one because I think it’s so sweet and feminine and romantic you could wear this for so many different occasions it does not have to be on Valentine’s Day and you can wear it with a lot of different curls if you have some that you like better and that is it for today’s Valentine’s Day inspired hairstyles remember that you are valuable and important no matter who you’re with on Valentine’s Day and it’s all just about having fun and having a great day even if it’s just on your own if you want to try out some of my favorite Hot Tools you can go on the nuit site and use code chocolate box for 40% off the site or my Valentine to get any one for $49 I hope you guys enjoyed this post I hope you guys try it out always send me pictures if you do because it makes my day and I love seeing your recreations I also really love you guys and I’ll see you in my next post well bye.

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