3 Tousled Hairstyles Inspired by NYFW

Hi everyone Kayleigh here so I recently got to go to New York Fashion Week with trust me I got my hair done in the Tresemme salon I got to take over the Tresemme salon and sell some of your hair and meet you guys I loved every minute of it it was amazing I got a lot of requests from you guys to recreate the hairstyles that I posted on Instagram so that’s what I’m going to do now I hope you guys enjoy it and let’s get into it let’s start with the curls that were the base for all of my hairstyles but especially this first one.

I prepped my hair with the tresemmé beauty-full volume shampoo and conditioner or rather conditioner and shampoo because they’re formulated for you to use the conditioner first and then the shampoo which leaves your hair super volumize and super soft I also used the beautiful volume touchable bounce mousse to add more lift to my hair and it also did a good job of volumizing my hair while leaving it feeling SuperDuper soft and touchable once my hair was prepped I was ready to curl my hair and I started by clipping the top half up and out of the way you’re gonna curl the bottom half first and I’m just taking a small section of hair.

3 Tousled Hairstyles Inspired by NYFW Photo Gallery

I’m going to wrap it around my curling iron without letting go of it and this causes it to kind of twist as you’re putting it on the iron and that creates a nice kind of curl wave hybrid then once you take your hair down give it a light tug at the end and you can see that kind of curl / wave come into effect on the next curl I’m curling my hair in the opposite direction to the first one and you’re going to keep doing that you’re going to alternate directions every time you curl your hair then let it down and give it a nice little tug and you have that nice beautiful wavy curl look and you’re going to continue that through the bottom half of your hair.

Until all the hair is curls then go ahead and let the top half down and we’re going to curl that next doing the exact same thing as we did on the bottom half now I’m using one and a quarter inch iron for these kind of loose waves if your hair is hard to curl or you like a tighter wave I’d recommend a one-inch wand or curling iron so now we’re onto the hairstyle you’re going to sweep the front of your hair back starting on the right side I’m just sweeping my hair back and then kind of arranging it so that it looks pretty from the front as well and then once you have it where you want it you can go ahead and pin it in place.

I did two bobby pins and just crisscross them to hold hairstyle in place and now we’re going to pin the middle of the hair you’re going to smooth it first and then push up slightly for a little bit of volume and then pin it so that it stays right there where you want it we’re basically creating a line of bobby pins across the back of your head now you’re going to pan back the left side so sweep it back in a way that you like and once you have it where you want it pin it in place the final step is to hide all the bobby pins so I’m taking a section of hair on my right side and sweeping it across the top of the bobby pins and once you reach the end of the bobby pins you’re going to wrap your hair around that last bobby pin section so it looks like it’s holding back all the hair all on its own once you’ve wrapped it underneath go ahead and use a couple of bobby pins to hold it in place if your hair isn’t covering up the bobby pins anymore just go ahead and pick it up so that it is covering the bobby pins and use a couple more pins to hold it in place so that it covers everything nicely and looks like just this like gently sweep over a piece of hair and that’s it for this hairstyle.

I love how it’s kind of bohemian but still very polished and ladylike it just made me really happy and it’s one of my favorite hairstyles that I wore at Fashion Week and now want to be tastefully twisted this one was actually done by a hairstylist at the salon and I loved it that it was very intricate and I thought that I would actually simplify it for you guys so that it would be a little bit more easy to replicate at home if you want to follow her on Instagram.

I will link her below because her work is beautiful for a really windswept texture she added in the Tresemme perfectly undone sea salt spray so I decided to do that – I just braid it through all of my hair and then made massaging motions kind of with my fingers to really fluff out my hair and really texturize it so you get this nice kind of messy tousled texture that also makes this hair sale great for like second day hair or if your hair is just like not having an amazing day you can use that messiness to your advantage so I’m going to pull my hair back first and you’re going to kind of section off that top bit of your hair once you’ve swept it back.

I’m going to split that into three and start doing a French braid so I just braided a couple times to get myself started and then started by taking small pieces from the front and sweeping them back and into the braid this provides that cool textured look from the side but it’s a little easier than kind of alternatives so you’re going to keep braiding in small pieces from the side until all of that is done and then just keep French waiting until everything is incorporated into the braid once all your hair is on the French braid you can go ahead and braid the rest normal ages make sure to leave a couple of inches unbraided at the end and you can secure it with an elastic then you can let down any loose pieces around your face and use your fingers to kind of like loosen and tousle things up just a little bit finally we’re going to fluff the braid by massaging it and this is going to add volume and texture you just want to make sure to kind of do this to all.

The bracelet it looks nicely texturized then you’re just going to take the end of your braid and sweep it into the shape of a bun so you just wrap it around let the little ends hang off to the side and then pin it in place and that’s it for this hairstyle you can do this in less than five minutes and I think it looks kind of chic and cool to have such an unbend texture I actually asked her for something that was feminine but still cool and this is what she came up with and I loved it and finally we have this knotted hairstyle that I wore for Rachel so I asked for kind of a bohemian hairstyle with knots and this is what the hairstylist came up with and I loved it you just sweep your hair back and section off the hair on top of your head then you’re going to tie that into a knot just by placing your fingers underneath it turn your fingers in a full circle to create a loop and then pull the hair through that loop or whatever way you want to create just a basic knot then go ahead and massage that knot so taht.

It’s nice and fluffy and volumize and then pin it in place and now we’re going to do that again with the section immediately behind our not so just pick up a large section of hair on top of your head and create another simple knot by turning your fingers in a full circle and pulling the hair through that loop but then you’re going to keep that loop open because we’re going to pull a little bit more hair through it you’re actually going to grab a little bit of hair from right underneath that knot and pull that up and through the loop as well this is going to create this really cool kind of cascading effect coming from the second knot which.

I love to totally change the silhouette of this hairstyle and it was perfect and then finally for some more volume you’re just going to massage the knot a little bit more and bump it up right next to the first one that we did and pin knot in place and finally I added in some beautiful volume flexible finish hairspray to hold my hairstyle all day long while still being super touchable so that was it for this hairstyle I loved it it was bohemian but it incorporated knots instead of like a typical braid and like I said that silhouette from the side is amazing I loved how she came up with that and that’s it for my three favorite hairstyles from Fashion Week I am so grateful that trust me brought me along it was an amazing experience and something that I wanted to do for so long so thank you guys for that and thank you guys for watching my video I love you guys and I’ll see you my next one Wow bye.

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