3 Ways to Make This Your Slimmest Winter!

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It’s not all about tuning in to your body – tuning out and letting your surroundings do the hard work for you can be surprisingly effective too. We each make more than 200 subconscious food choices every day. Salad or chips? A little or a lot? Finish the bag or save for later? But you might be surprised to know it’s your eating environment, rather than conscious choices, that often makes the decisions for you. If you tweak that environment – your kitchen, where you keep the snacks, your plate – you can resist over-eating. ‘Once you’ve made the right changes, you’ll start eating better. You’ll make healthier decisions even when your brain’s on autopilot,’ says Professor Wansink. Try his suggestions…

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Clear the work surfaces and cupboards of snacks – in fact, anything that’s not in the fruit bowl. Make tempting foods invisible and inconvenient, because you’re three times more likely to eat the first food you see than the fifth one, according to Professor Wansink’s research. When his team asked people to move fruit and vegetables from the crisper drawers to the top shelf of the fridge and put less healthy foods down in the veg drawers, they reported eating nearly three times as many fresh groceries.


The more time you spend in your kitchen, the more you’ll eat. So, remove such things as TVs or comfy seats from the room.


Use smaller bowls, plates, serving spoons and glasses and it will help you eat and drink less. CHANGE COLOURS ‘Making your plate the same colour as your food means you’ll serve up 18 per cent more,’ says Professor Wansink. ‘So, choose plates that contrast.’ If you are eating a tomato-based pasta dish, don’t choose a red plate.

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