5 Best Athleisure Sneakers 2019

Superga Classic Lace-Up Sneakers in Silver, $34


Superga Classic Lace-Up Sneakers in Silver, $34 Get them: $34 (originally $67), farfetch.com

What’s up guys welcome back to my my blog, today’s post is going to be a get the look post yay I asked you guys on twitter like.

I always do to let me know who I should do next, and surprisingly enough a lot of you guys were requesting various different models these girls that I am about to show you they kind of sneakers like. How I do on a day-to-day basis if you follow me on instagram.

So I was really excited to do recreate these sneakers outfits for you guys. I decided to pick four of the most requested, and kind of group them into a post that way. I can have you guys vote in the comments below if there’s somebody that you like in particular, and more.

So I can do a whole post on them later. I have an idea of who I want to do. But I want to hear from you guys, and one more thing before we get into the post. I wanted to let you guys know that this is the week that I am on style co live which is awesome I show you guys how to style fashion sneakers.

5 Best Athleisure Sneakers 2019 Photo Gallery

Puma Baskets Sneakers, $57


Puma Baskets Sneakers, $57 Get them: $57 (originally $113), farfetch.com

Stampd Cameo Sneakers, $90


Stampd Cameo Sneakers, $90 Get them: $90 (originally $128), farfetch.com

Vans SK8-Hi Jaquard Hi-Top Sneakers, $68


Vans SK8-Hi Jaquard Hi-Top Sneakers, $68 Get them: $68 (originally $136), farfetch.com

Diesel Lace-Up Sneakers, $94


So that is gonna be live tonight which, I am really excited about. I will have a direct link in the description box below. So you can read me. But anyways that is it.


So let’s go ahead, and get into the post to begin I am starting with a taylor hill, and I absolutely love this girl’s style I follow her on instagram she is awesome so when I was googling some street style images of her. I found this one that I thought was perfect for the summer super casual, and easy to wear so all you are going to need are some converse I found these black on black converse from urban outfitters. But of course you go to a converse store, and they will have them for my skirt. I found a pink structured skirt kind of similar to what she was wearing from zara for super affordable price. And then for my t-shirt. I just found this one from urban outfitters. But all you need to look for is a white t-shirt with some sort of a black graphic on it. So it really could be anything look in your closet you might have something, or you can kind of put your own twist on it which. I definitely recommend next up karlie kloss I found this image, and it was kind of all over the place when I googled her street style, and I thought it was very girly, and cute. So I definitely wanted to recreate it. So it is a white on white ensemble that she had going on so starting off I just found a white skater skirt from windsor which was super affordable. And then the top that was a little bit of a challenge to find a long-sleeve one like hers. But I figured since it is summer it is gonna be warm anyways I might as well show you one that looks pretty similar is affordable.

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