5 Best Tips to Taking Your Best Selfie

1 Make sure your flyaways are tamed and your eyeliner or mascara hasn’t smudged. Giving yourself a quick once-over puts you a step closer to taking a gorgeous photo.

Taking it in front of a window is a good idea because believe it or not, the natural light will make your skin look flawless and illuminated.

2 Always make sure you’re in front of a clear background, for example, solid colour walls are a good choice. Anything too distracting will draw the onlookers’ attention away from you – and you don’t want that!

3 The whole point of a selfie is that you take the picture yourself. So while there’s a lot for you to concentrate on (your pose, lighting etc.), it’s important that you remain still as wobbly pictures are not in vogue.

5 Best Tips to Taking Your Best Selfie Photo Gallery

4 Don’t use a mirror in the background There’s nothing worse than seeing a mirror in someone’s selfie as this can reveal all sorts i.e untidy clothes, the toilet etc. Choose your setting wisely because after all you’re selling a story about yourself. 

5 Point The phone high The queen of selfies, Kim Kardashian, has stressed this as one of her top tips and so are we. Pointing your phone high will elongate and emphasise your face and features beautifully. It’s good to know your best side. Tilting your head slightly can make features appear more flattering.

Play around with expressions until you land the best one. Filters If you have apps like Instagram and Snapchat, there’s the option of adding a filter. These visual effects can enhance an otherwise plain picture and help you get the best out of a photo. Some have a softening effect that blur out blemishes and give you a glow too.

Play around with a range of different poses. Often the best pictures are of silly expressions or when it looks like you’re having fun. These days the most popular expressions are fish and duck pouts. 

Don’t forget to hashtag! Everyone loves to read a good hashtag next to a selfie to really capture the moment.

The great thing about a selfie is that it can be taken anytime and anywhere. So if you have to practice to get it perfect, you can do that in private to build up your confidence. After all, confidence is the best form of beauty! 

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