5 Best Wedding Eye Makeup Looks

Painted brows This look is definitely not for traditionalists. ‘Painted brows are a great way to jazz up your ceremony make-up into a party look in under a minute,’ says Fred Letailleur, European make-up artist for YSL Beauty.

‘As long as you’re wearing white or off-white, you can embrace the trend using sparkly tones instead of bright colours.’ (Fred says brow glitter and regular mascara both work well.) But why stop there? For the more adventurous bride, the Proenza Schouler catwalk had another bold look to try – painted ears.

‘If you’re going to do this, I’d recommend doing it on one ear only, to keep it as a detail on the face,’ says Fred. ‘And use metallic tones, glitters or white to complement your dress, rather than a bold colour.’

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