5 Bright Ideas for Blow Dry

Too busy to get to the salon? Here’s how to DIY your ’do…

Few things make you feel as fabulous as a great blow-dry, but sometimes there really is no time to get to the salon – or, if you’re like us, you left making an appointment too late. Well, don’t let that be the reason there’s no pep in your step… you can get a salon-quality blow-dry at home with our tricks below. Go on – you’ll be turning heads all day!

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1 IT STARTS IN THE SHOWER Give your hair a super clean with two washes – the cleaner it is, the longer your blow-dry will last. But go for a light conditioner that won’t make hair go limp. Don’t forget to rinse your hair with as-cold-as-you-can-handle water to seal the cuticle.

2 THE BIG DIVIDE Heat damages your hair, so spritz a heat-defence spray before you get going. Depending on your hair’s texture, split it into two or three sections and then rough dry it. Part your hair from the corner of your eyebrow, across the crown to the other side. If you need another section, create one in line with the middle of your ear. From each section, divide hair again horizontally, no wider than the brush you’re using, and secure.

3 ALL ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE Wrap your hair around a round brush, stopping just before the roots. Direct hot air at your roots until the hair is completely dry – this helps give it extra height and volume, and always direct the nozzle downwards from the roots to the tips to ensure a smooth finish with no flyaways.

4CHEAT… JUST A BIT! Work your way through the sections, starting on the bottom, then moving to the next tier and then the crown. The crown is the part that most people notice, so it needs the most volume – if you’re short on time, this is where you should concentrate your efforts. Use a brush one size bigger and follow the same process as before, but this time pin your warm hair up (as if it was wrapped in a volume a lot more staying power.

5 LONG-LASTING VOLUME Avoid mattifying products, such as powders or dry shampoos, as they can weigh hair down over time, leaving it flat. A flexible-hold hairspray is your best bet for longevity (try one that will add shine at the same time) – and don’t forget to flip your head upside down to spray underneath your hair for an added boost.

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