5 Minute Holiday Waves Hairstyles

For Christmas there’s just one thing that, I need, I don’t care about hello today I’m posting in my living room in case you’re wondering where, I am it was just really gloomy at first then it became sunny like the light just kept changing.

So, I don’t know where the post and living room was the best place, I think because you don’t really get direct sunlight. So today I’m gonna show you guys how to create these really lovely big waves these are perfect for the holidays and they only take about five minutes you can’t get any easier method of curling hair. So if you want to see how, I created these beautiful ways then keep on reading the first thing I’m gonna do is just run my hands through my hair smooth it all out and gather it into a high ponytail then I’m going to grab a hair elastic and secure it into a ponytail just like that now, I want to mention that, I am working with the largest barrel, I have this is two inch wide and the reason I’m using the largest barrel is because this way, I can work with thicker sections of hair and, I can go through my hair much faster literally this process will take me about five minutes I’m going to start with my first section and as you can see I’m working with rather big section and I’m gonna gather it around the curler.

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So just curl it around the barrel hold it for 12 to 15 seconds and then slowly release it into my palm grab one of those little clips and just set the curl in a clip now the reason, I have to set the curl in a club anytime you’re working with a large barrel if you just let the curl drop it will really loosen fast and it will most likely go straight within an hour or two. So it’s really important to set your curls in a clip when you’re working with the large barrel alright I’m gonna move on to the next section and do the same thing here wait 12 to 15 seconds then slowly move it down and pin it and move on to the next section do the same thing here now, I usually get about five of these curls. So now that I’m all done and by the way like, I said this literally took me about four minutes I’m going to just wait for this hair to set now here you can also use hairspray if you want to I’m gonna skip on hairspray but if you know that you here is finer that, I would definitely suggest to use hairspray in the meantime I’m gonna do the same thing to my ‘s because I’m going to be wearing them as well I’m going to grab a weft at a time and use really large sections and curl them around the barrel wait 12 to 15 seconds you have one of those clips and set it with a clip then I’m going to do the same thing on the next section and set it as well when I’m working with the two Club webs, I just fold it in the middle and then, I just use it as one section all right.

So now that it’s been ten minutes I’m gonna release my ways I’ll leash the wave take all the clips out and then take the elastic out and then bring my hair down and I’m gonna really go for it I’m gonna shake it I’m gonna scrunch the scalp it really makes a huge difference and then when, I push my hair up as you can see, I have massive voluminous ways absolutely beautiful now I’m going to do the same thing to my ‘s I’m gonna start taking out the clips and as you can see this creates such a beautiful lovely wave. So pretty look at the bounce bounce bounce all right now it’s time to cook in my Luxy. So I’m just gonna push my hair back clip the rest away and start clipping them in Santa Claus won’t make me happy with a toy on Christmas if you want you can stop at this, I am gonna go one step further I’m gonna grab my brush and I’m gonna softly and gently brush over these waves and, I usually do this.

So the waves look a bit more natural and effortless and that is it we are good to go how much this girl even wish for snow I’m just gonna keep on me we need the and that’s all for today my beauties let me know how you enjoyed this hair tutorial down below leave me a comment I’d love to hear from you give this post a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it also once you try out these ways, I would love to see your recreations. So make sure to post on your instagram with hashtag let’s see hair i love you guys happy holidays bye all the lights are shared every.

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